pick up guys in the strangest places

Even worse, they probably told you that you just need to smile more or go to church to meet the right guy.

Am I right?

Yeah, I completely understand.

I was a singleton myself for all of my twenties.

I get it.

However, I am here to help.

No, I’m not going to tell you to join a bible study (that’s between you and God) or tell you to spend more time at the bar. (I do not want you to become an alcoholic on my watch!) Although people are well-meaning when they suggest it, it just irritates the crap out of a single girl when the odds are against her.

I’ve been there.

I’ve done that, and I understand.

Plus, I swore that should I ever be able to give back, I would.

Single Girls: I have answers. I even have a Top 5!


Suggestion Number 5

Fresh meat in a small town always gets noticed! (Please don’t be offended by being called meat. It’s a figure of speech. Personally, I love meat.)

fresh meat on the dance floor
Get out there and be your own smorgasbord

Go to a small town street dance or bowling alley. (You know, places that involve adult beverages.)

This is where a lot of your small town good guys go to hang out with friends on the weekend.

They’re the kind that don’t go to dance bars to meet girls, but with a little liquid courage, they’re more liking to introduce themselves.


Suggestion Number 4

There’s nothing wrong with working, or merely scouring, at Menard’s, Sears, or Bass Pro Shop.

These places are men magnets.

The numbers are always in your favor at hardware stores.

Sure, you might think that only married guys go there, but single men are all about having grills, camo, and light bulbs. (The bonus for you: you can pick up cheap seasonal decorations and men while you’re there!)


Suggestion Number 3

Hooters. Yes, I said it.

drinking at hooters
Looks like a fun pickup place to me.
Gimme Hooters!

I know that some women are completely appalled by short shorts and slutty tank tops, but people, the numbers don’t lie.

Friday Happy Hour is wall-to-wall males with money to spend. It’s men as far as the eye can see.

No other women are cutting in on your territory there.

Not a guy in the place thinks they’re going home with a waitress, but they think they might have a chance with you…or not!

(You slut. lol.)


Suggestion Number 2

Grab your t-shirt, jeans, and coozie so you can hit a sporting event, or at least the pregame tailgating!

Where else would all the men be hiding but at an event where there’s sports and beer?

And as I mentioned earlier, beer means guts on his part.

Nothing wrong with: “Oh, I forgot my coozie. Do any of you boys have an extra?” or “Wow! Those wings sure smell good!

If you need to, don’t be afraid to taunt them a little with a, “I can’t believe you’re wearing that shirt. Do you really think they even have a prayer against my team?” Nothing like a little banter to get the relationship started.

Do what you gotta do!

Finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for. It’s a two-fer.


Suggestion Number 1

Not only do you get an education, but you could get a man!

Try going to some college classes.

You’ll better yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with a “Hey, I missed what he said. Is that paper due Wednesday or Thursday?” or “Next time, I will remember to bring double the caffeine!

Small talk is the road to dating, my friends. Don’t underestimate it!

There you go. There are 5 places to start the man hunt. If you’re cranky, depressed, or not showered, I can’t make any promises that they’ll work, but I can tell you that you’ll have a great time whether you meet a man, or not!

Happy hunting, girls!


Over To You

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The Man Hunt or How Girls Can Get Guys In 5 Different Ways 1

Blogger, writer, left-handed farmer’s daughter, former singleton, and advice giver.

Bolton – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

16 thoughts on “The Man Hunt or How Girls Can Get Guys In 5 Different Ways”
  1. Firstly, I would like to admire the figures of speech you have used in this post. They gave me a nice laugh. The pointers mentioned in this post are quite appropriate and effective. These tips can surely help in giving an appropriate end to the manhunt endeavor. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

  2. WOW!! This is something so good to read and also so refreshing. Loved the points. Should I try some of these :) I guess I should..LOL

      1. None of these to be honest. But I am planning to join a dance class ;) and learn Salsa.. I work from home so hardly get to meet people :(… So I thought dance classes would be fun to join. Wish me luck ;)

        1. Oh, let me assure you that you’ll meet guys at Salsa. though they might not be the kind of guys you really want as a steady boyfriend though. Just saying.

  3. All really good point. Glad someone is giving these ladies sound advice. My sister came t me about a month ago saying there are no good guys out there. I told her to stop looking for one and to wait for one to find her. She is a club hopper so I told her those guys aren’t the guys you want to bring home to meet us. I think I will forward her the link to this post.

    Thanks Mike.

    1. haha please do JS
      You think she’s going through a phase of just wanting to have a little fun as opposed to looking for Mr Right, to settle down with though?

    1. Oh I think you just chose 5 because of the mention of fresh meat, Michael :)
      Just so the gals know, where should they be looking for you? hehehe

  4. Funny but sound suggestions. I am certain that most of them will work. Going out to the places full of single men is your ticket to dating.
    By the way, I met my husband at college. Happy hunting, girls))

  5. Sound advice, BC, especially nos. 5 and 1. I’m happy to be out of that game. I never was any good at it anyway. You left out “moving to Alaska,” though. I hear that whole state’s teeming with meat. ;-)

  6. Oh funny Bolton! I love reading your posts/guest posts. You know what? Waitrose of a weekend is the biggest pick-up joint. Who knew? Doesn’t happen in Vancouver food markets or other food markets in the UK. Waitrose could totally cash in on that.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and having a read of Bolton’s post, Veronica. I gotta say, I had a laugh or two myself when putting it up. Great to mix things up a little.

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