thinking of the memory of a past lover and want them back?

How To Get Back The ‘Got Away’

Men and women fall in and out of love a number of times before finally deciding on the one they would spend the rest of their lives with.

But even while happily married, sometimes, the memory of someone you loved in the past lingers…

memories of a past love
Is there a chance to turn the memory into another reality?


Especially the one that got away…

The concept of “soulmates” is something that we always like to fantasize about.

We dream about finding the “one” that we are meant to be with. In reality, we don’t always end up with our soulmates.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t love the one we’re with any less.



Perhaps, it sounds a little less romantic, though never less loving.

When you’re married, you may think about “the one that away” with fondness.

You may wonder about what could have been or if only. But don’t be consumed by this fantasy.

You’re already committed in a serious relationship and for it to last, you need to work at it. Love is just not about chemistry, physical attraction or emotions.

It’s a choice that you make, to keep loving the one you’ve chosen to be with in your lifetime.


Being Single Can Bring Clarity

Broken-hearted and single for some time?

Singleness is not a bad thing.

a bit of alone time can bring great clarity
A bit of alone time can bring great clarity

In fact, being by yourself allows you time for introspection–to figure out who you are and what you want to be. Valentine’s Day, however, can bring back that longing to find that special someone with a vengeance.

This uber commercialized couples’ day also makes you remember, the one that might have gotten away.

Are you ready to risk your heart and take a chance on love again?


A Word of Warning Though

Before you jump in impulsively, you have to find out some certain facts like is he married or still single?

If he is married then it’s probably best to let him be. Sometimes, the one that got away happens because of wrong timing. Sure, you seem perfect for each other but the timing just isn’t right. Maybe he was still searching for himself and maybe you weren’t quite ready to settle down yet.

If he got married during the time you were apart, then maybe he’s made his choice to fall in love again and you have to make yours–to move on.

But if you are both single, then maybe the timing might just be right.


It’s OK To Do a Little Snooping

If you haven’t been in touch with “the one who got away”, chances are he might have moved somewhere else.

Try to search for him through the different social media networks available like facebook or twitter.

If he’s not a fan of these sites, you might have better luck locating him by zip code via My Life. If you manage to find his contact details, shoot him an email or give him a call. Love is all about taking risks.

He might find it weird at first why you suddenly contacted him out of the blue, but if things work out between the two of you, it wouldn’t matter because by then he would have become the one that almost got away.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you were the one almost got away from him, too?

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2 thoughts on “The One That Got or Almost Got Away”
  1. I so believe in this article. Being single after being in long relationship help you discover more of yourself, to know who you really are and to know who you really want to be with.

    1. Thanks for your visit and comment, Jan (do pop over and get a Gravatar too)
      During the period after a long relationship is certainly a great time for reflection on the past and a learning for the future.
      What sort of things did you reflect on, if I may ask? Your experiences can help others.

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