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Where Does The Journey Start?

Wild and ever so scruffy
Young and impressionable

We are shaped by our surroundings and our environment.

We all form opinions.

And they’re based on our (current) knowledge and our interactions with friends, family and society, in general.

Media and our friends play a huge role in what we evolve into.

Media being a greater force as we are older.


The Boy Becomes The Man

I was chatting to my wife the other day about a couple where the guy tended to be abusive towards his wife.

And that started my own wheels turning.

I (and I hope you do too) have a dim view on domestic violence and the inequalities towards women.

Actually, I’ll take that further and say violence and thinking you’re better or worse than anyone else isn’t what humanity is about.

So I got to thinking what was it, in my past, that makes me like I am?

Like any self-analysis, it was a matter thinking back in your life of a pivotal moment.

I got that latter that day, in the shower :)


A Moment in Time

I come from a family of six, two brothers and a sister.

My Dad was a plumber and worked his tail off from early morning til sunset. He was a good provider (as far as I knew) and was also built like a brick shithouse.

I was closer to my Mum too.

Back in those days, a lot of mothers stayed at home to look after the family and the home duties. I guess that was what was expected.

Unfortunately, my Dad was also easy to lose his temper, not that he did often but when he got pissed, he had the strength to do some damage.

I remember a few times when he hit my Mum and one of these times, I moved between him and her so he’d stop. Bad move in hindsight but here came that defining moment in my life.

Yep, I got slapped to the ground (and I think there was a bloody nose or something too).

That said, I stood my ground, for a very brief moment.

What have you stood your ground on?
What have you stood your ground on?


We All Are Defined By What We Do

There’s more defining moments in my life but this one is a good reason why we should sometimes think back and ask ourselves why we do the things we do.

Maybe you do bad things to your fellow man or woman.

What was your defining moment?

Interestingly, finding the moment can also help you unlock why you did the thing you did as well as asking what would have happened if you didn’t take the same action.

This sort of thinking has the potential to alter your life now, simply by seeing the moment.

And taking a stand NOW to change.

We are defined by ...
We are defined by …


My Example of Conscious Change

So from my own moment, I know why I lean towards goodness in people.

But I did eventually wake up enough to redefine my view of marriage as well. Once a divorce settled.

My desire at that point was to be a better partner to the next woman I was going to be with.

The process is the same as I described earlier.

  • What did I do wrong
  • Do I really want to change my behaviour?
  • What do I need to do, within myself?
  • When am I going to change?
  • How do I go about the changes?
  • How’s my progress going, with these changes?

Think back, make the list and check your progress.

Easy to think about but certainly it can be far more challenging to actually undertake and do.



Speak Your Mind Because I Know You Have One

  • Can you think of one defining moment of your own?
  • Is violence towards people cultivated in our past?
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The Path Of One Man and Why He Changed 1

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  1. Its a journey, a process, a never ending learning curve. As long as we can grow and develop on the way, we are doing something right.

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