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What’s Your Perfect ‘First Holiday’ Destination?

If you’re preparing for your first perfect holiday with a new partner, I don’t want to scare you, but don’t forget that this is the first time you’ll probably be spending serious 24 hours a day time with him or her.

So, it makes sense to think carefully about where that time is going to be spent and pick your perfect destination.

some serious holiday time alone with your date
Time alone needs some serious planning to ensure the FUN

If you’re both sun worshippers or party animals, then that makes the decision a little easier, as you don’t have to take possibly conflicting interests into account. But even if those are what you normally look for in a holiday, would they present the kind of opportunities that allow you to really get to know each other and explore each other more deeply?

And if you have different ideas of what makes a good holiday, what kind of destinations will allow you both to indulge your interests, while also giving you romantic time together?

Here are some ideas you might want to consider – and bear in mind that I’m writing this in the decidedly unromantic English Midlands, so my choices are dictated by my geography.

Wherever in the world, you’re reading this, though, I’m sure you can find suitable local equivalents!


Hot In The City

Cities usually have lots to do, with sights to see, galleries and museums to visit, a wealth of wonderful eating opportunities, and nightclubs in which to dance the night away.

Basically, each of you can allow the other to do what you want to do at different times and the chances are you’ll never get bored!

Paris is traditionally viewed as the most romantic city in the world, and at times it’s hard to argue.

But Paris usually also means long, long queues to get into the main sights.

My European city of choice would be Rome – the sights are just as impressive, the pavement cafes just as enticing and it’s more compact, so it’s easier to get around!


Islands In The Sun

If you do want to soak up some rays, try to find a destination where that isn’t all there is on offer!

A week doing nothing but lying on a beach (and maybe clubbing in the evening) might sound fun and relaxing, but do you actually want to get to know your new partner better and share some romantic moments, or just improve your tan and your moves?

There are many beach holiday destinations located in fascinating, picturesque, and romantic places, which offer far more than a stunning sandy beach.

The Greek Islands, for instance, are scattered with interesting sites to explore and a charming village with a welcoming taverna is never far away.


You, Me And Nobody Else

If you want to spend your time doing nothing but being romantic, with as few distractions as possible, then how about renting a remote cottage where you can shut yourselves away from the rest of the world?

The Lake District is great for this kind of holiday – getting up when you want to and not a minute before; walking hand-in-hand across stunning fells and by shimmering lakes; exploring beautiful villages and warm and friendly pubs, and ending the day cuddled up together before an open fire.

As an opportunity to talk and get to know each other, it’s ideal, and if you’re the kind of couple more than happy to spend hour upon hour gazing into each other’s eyes, without the embarrassment of other people pointing and laughing at you, you really can’t beat it!


Walk On The Wild Side

If what you want is an adventure together, then try loading up a pair of rucksacks and heading off to somewhere exotic, wild, and challenging.

Somewhere everything isn’t laid on a plate for you and you might even have to give the local language a go.

It’s a great way of finding out how your new love copes in a different environment and sharing a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ is the sort of thing that can create a bond between you that really lasts.

Somewhere like India is ideal for this kind of holiday and the sights you see and the atmosphere you experience will stay with you forever – hopefully like your new romance!


Total Self Indulgence

Okay, this goes back a bit on what I was saying earlier, but if you really do want to spend your time on a beach, then why not do it somewhere truly special?

Ibiza, Majorca and Tenerife have some plusses (they’re relatively cheap, for starters), but if you have the money, then how about a beach in, say, Barbados or Cape Verde?

Somewhere that still has the sun and golden sand, but a whole lot more besides, and where you probably won’t have to fight other tourists for a precious spot near the sea or by the pool?

Whatever you opt for, you need to give it as much thought and consideration as you did your first date together, to ensure it’s enjoyable, memorable, and special for both of you.


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  1. My husband and I didn’t have a real honeymoon. We spent some days in my parents’ house and in my in-law’s house. But we were together. And we had a grand time with my folks and with his family and relatives.

  2. Great share just in time; my sister just got married and we are planning her honeymoon trip…thanks for the exciting information.

  3. Hi Candy,
    Honeymoon is indeed of great significance for the newly married couple as being the first holiday of them together it will get embedded in their memories for many years to come. Everything should be just perfect when it is about the honeymoon. The post provides great options which can be of use to the couple who are planning their first holiday. Thanks for the share.

    1. Hi Aayna,

      Thanks for reading my post! I’m glad you like and agree with what I had to say and thanks for commenting!


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