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If you feel it is about time to propose to that special person in your life, you may be worried about how exactly to go about it.

The proposal is one of the most important stages to the start of any marriage.

It is important that you try and think of way to propose that is going to make your loved one feel so special that there’s not a chance that they will say no.


Hot Air Balloon Ride

Do some out of the ordinary and impress your love one with great new heights.

hot air ballon proposal
Wow! What a brilliant way to propose getting married!

If this is the sort of thing that you and your other half have always wanted to do, then this could be the perfect occasion for it. You can make it really special and go on the hot air balloon ride during sunset or sunrise; this really will be the perfect setting for that special moment.

You can pick up extra packages and get a champagne brunch or champagne and chocolates for the ride.

This will make it extremely special.



Proposing to someone first thing in the morning or last thing at night can be one of the most special things ever.

The bedroom really is the place where the deepest intimacy happens, so really this should be the place for your special occasion.

The traditional way of proposing to someone is placing the ring on the pillow attached with a love note.

If you have the nerve, you could always wait until the morning, and try slipping that stunning diamond ring on her finger before she wakes up, this will be extremely special and will be a lovely surprise for her to wake up to.


Weekend Away

weekend getaway proposal
Oh yeah, baby. Fantastic and classic

If you want to make a big deal about your marriage proposal, why not whisk your loved one off for a romantic weekend away?

You can go stay in some beautiful log cabins in Scotland, venture the beautiful sights of Rome, take her to the love capital of the world and go to Paris?

If your girl is expecting a marriage proposal soon, put her off the scent and get her a gorgeous white pearl necklace, this will make not suspect a thing.


Romantic Walk

Make everything simple and natural; go on a lovely romantic walk with your loved one.

Spending any time with your other half should be special, so why not make the most of your time alone and take this moment to express how much she means to you.

The simpler you keep things can sometimes be better as you don’t get distracted from the true fact of why you are doing this.

A marriage proposal is supposed to show how much this one person means to you and that you want them in your life forever.


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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Ways To Propose To Your Loved One”
  1. WOW !! These are such romantic ways to propose someone. I wish someone do that for me :P…Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh this is beautiful.
    I look back at our own time when Rob proposed to me and think of how romantic a time it was in both of lives.

    The hot air balloon idea sounds absolutely fabulous too! These are fantastic ideas for anyone moving into thinking about proposing marriage. Well done, guys.

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