perils of online dating

Take Precautions For Any Dating

Millions of people use online dating services in the hopes of finding “the one”.

Online dating has been an effective means for people to find their perfect match.

Today, the online dating industry earns an estimated $700 million a year with over 1,400 active websites.

However, the world of online dating poses a lot of hidden dangers.


Listen to your gut.

If something does not feel right about your date, it is an indication to find another one.

Always trust what your instincts tell you.

Do not give out personal information at any cost especially if you’ve known the person only for a few days.

A person who has your phone number will easily be able to locate your home address.


Set up a separate email account for online dating.

Change your account information and use a pseudonym instead of giving out your full name.

Give your personal email address only when you are sure that the person you are dating is worth your trust.

Doing so will protect your privacy by making it impossible for the person to look for your personal information using an email address you have used for several years.


Think of your safety first.

When going out on a date with a person you only met online, see to it that you meet in a public place and that your family or friends know exactly where it will happen.

Consider bringing a friend with you so you do not have to go on a date alone.


Make sure he/she is not married.

Internet dating is one of the easiest ways for someone to cheat on his or her spouse.

The danger is that it is so easy for a person already committed to someone to deceive his or her significant other.

Some people end up being emotionally and financially vested before background checking the person.

You must realise that internet dating is very dangerous for people who are trusting in nature. Pay attention to the smallest red flags you see before it is too late.

If you, or a family member experiences such abuse, you must seek some professional help from family lawyers before it’s too late.


When your “date” starts asking for money, watch out.

Asking for money is a major red flag.

Some fraudsters target dating websites by creating fictitious profiles, and sending out unsolicited emails and photographs.

Once trust is established, they make up stories to persuade their victims to send large amounts of money.

Even if you have known a person for several weeks or months, be very suspicious if you receive any money requests from a person you just met online.


Learn some self-defense.

In some occasions, women end up getting assaulted by someone they met via online dating.

Even outside of online dating, learning some self-defense techniques will be extremely helpful.

While thousands of people have successfully dated and ended up getting married through their online dating experience, it is still up to you to recognize the red flags and exercise caution so that your dating experience will not leave a bad taste in the mouth.


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