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Rewarding You On Our Journey

Update: We’ve needed to switch Rewards Programs to something even better.

PunchTab is way way COOL!

So we’re now powered to include time limited GiveAways like you see below – so enter and win!

Well, we have just introduced a system where we’re going to give back to you because you like what we do and you’d love to get a few freebies.

We’ve just added a very sexy’ish new engagement program. It’s a really cool widget that gives everyone who visits our site a chance to win a real reward, simply by interacting with our site.

If you run a website of your own, check out the free 1 month Banner Advertising Reward – that’s gotta be of real value to your own website.

And if you don’t run your own site, well, we’ve got you covered as well.
There’s a great selection of exciting eBooks that’s to be sure of interest and inspiration.

So here’s how it works, follow along and you’ll see just how incredibly easy it is so you can be rewarded:

Click on the Red Rewards tab on the right hand side of the GeekandJock website.

Select the reward you’d love to get, all for your very own.


  • Signup to our Newsletter
  • Click the cute little tab widget
  • Choose and select the reward option you’d like to work towards
  • And there’s even some site advertising to be had, if you’re a blog owner yourself



Interact with us!


  • Visit us often
  • Share your favourite articles on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • Write thoughtful comments on our posts
  • That’s it … you get rewarded just for doing that.


Win your reward!

After you win your reward, we will reach out to you, with instructions on how to redeem your reward!

We think adding this program is a nice way to reward you guys for all of your help to making this site totally awesome, and we hope it makes your experience a little more fun!

And please bear with us, some things might need sorting out and technology always has a habit of biting us in the bum, we we least expect it to :)


What do you think? Let us know yout thoughts in the comments below.

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