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Ehh Gads! Where To Begin ..

here comes the future
Here comes the future

It all started when we got engaged, it was one of the most emotional and happy times of my life.

Everything was so surreal and the wedding seemed like a slightly mystical thing that was so far away.

Until we called Reschelle’s sister with the good news, and she asked us, “so, when’s the date?”

“So, when’s the date?” is not a question of when your wedding will actually occur.

It ACTUALLY means…

  • When
  • Where
  • How
  • What
  • Who
  • Why
  • Flowers
  • Dress
  • Venue
  • Suits
  • Invites
  • Chair covers

Then begs the question, how do we go about doing all of the above?

Who is in charge of research, booking, money, budgets etc.

Guests enjoying the reception!
Guests enjoying the reception!


Confession Time

Now is where I must confess.

All of the above was largely left up to the wife to be.

She is a well-oiled, forward planning, multi-tasking, get the due diligence done, get the best price, get the date we want it for machine!

My role was largely a box ticker.

Once all the research was done and the final three options were picked out, they were then rolled out in front of me on a silver platter.

Then we met with the relevant parties, where my opinion was taken into account for a moment before the final decision was made.

Pretty sad to say, that I am pretty typical.

I also feel even worse when I say that throughout this whole process, my fiancée had the generosity to think of me, what my likes and dislikes were, the whole time, even when she chose her dress!


Out Of The Blue

But then, from out of nowhere, I had this flash of light!

When asked the question, “what should we do for our bonbonnieres?”

I blurted out “what about wedding stubby holders?” and the wife to be actually loved the idea!

I was a bit perplexed because the venue (Red Scooter) we chose was amazing and quite classy, the stubby holder idea was a bit risky, but with my personality being only best described as ‘Retro Sheik Bogan’ and with all my mates in attendance, it seemed to fit in well.

So I called a company that I had done some marketing for in the past named Soupcan Stubby Holders, had a look through some designs and away we went!

On the big day, it was all good news from the guest, the venue had an awesome range of bottled beers, and all the guests were sitting there with the beers in our Stubby Holders, it was sensational to see and added to the atmosphere of the reception.

What greeted us at our friends BBQ.
What greeted us at our friends BBQ.

After the wedding came one of the nicest surprises of all.

Some friends invited us over for a BBQ to thank us for having them at our wedding and to discuss what a great night it was.

Low and behold, when they pulled out the drinks, they were using the stubby holders from our Wedding!

It was awesome to think that this was a memento that would last longer than a slice of cake!

I had pulled it off by pure accident.

The author batting well above!
The author batting well above!


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3 thoughts on “The Wedding Process: The Man Who Bucked the Trend”
  1. I never know there were a lot of questions in planning a wedding. Stubby holder was a great idea I think my friend (recently engaged) would love the idea also!

  2. haha what a classic David. Great thought too, mate.
    You must be an Aussie too since I’m sure only we Australians have ‘stubbie coolers’.
    Anyways, what was your wife’s reaction when you popped the question. The question of a Bogan’s stubbie cooler.
    Did she initially crack a darkie?

    1. Haha yes she kind of stopped and thought for a moment, but I nearly fell over when she said she liked the idea and to send her some designs!

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