what men hate about women

Maybe Small But These Women Things Drive Men Nuts :)

Which parts of a women’s character annoy men the most?

Well, there are a lot of them.

And for the majority of women, these traits are far from obvious.

Let’s start with phrases that drive men crazy.

Phrases that men find really annoying.

Often, women don’t even notice when they say something irritating.

“Be a man!”

Trying to get a man to do something, a woman uses phrases like “be a man” as an argument.

By saying it, they call the very fact that her boyfriend or husband is a man into question.

The only thing that this phrase can lead to is a quarrel. It’s unlikely that a man will do what his woman asked after this.


“You know, my ex was…”

Any man can’t stand comparing him to others, especially to his girlfriend’s ex.

It’s better not to mention him at all. After all, ex-boyfriends are losers; that’s why girls break up with them.

And a man doesn’t want to be a loser.

Men are lazy creatures by nature, so they don’t like phrases that confuse them or make them think about something, especially when it’s not necessary.


“What are you thinking about right now?”

Often a man has to think to come up with an answer, which, probably, will not be true.

Do his thoughts really matter right now?


“Is she pretty?”

(When a asking about a woman who passes by)

“No, of course, for me there is only you, my dear” – it’s what any man will most likely answer.

And what else did you expect?

Girls should never ask such questions.

“I want you to meet my parents” and “We need to talk.”

These phrases most likely mean changes in the status of your relationships, which will make any man nervous.


Women’s behavior that irritates men

Criticizing other women

Guys often wonder why their girlfriends never say compliments to other women, but don’t hesitate to criticize them.

A man can’t understand that this way a woman shows that she is much better than other girls.

But a man already sees it, so there’s no need to prove something to him.


Excessive jealousy

Such women’s trait is annoying and limits every man’s freedom.

It can only cause the desire to find another life partner.


Excessive talkativeness

Constant and needless phone talks get men mad.

For them, it’s too hard to understand how women can waste so much time on it?

After all, girls find out nothing important during such conversations.


Women’s shopping

Female shopping is a torture for every man.

It seems that women will never have enough of it, visiting shop after shop spending a lot of money.

But when ladies take their boyfriends with them, things become much worse.

These poor men have to stand hours of the whole process from beginning to end.


Invasion of personal space

Some women, who live together with their boyfriends, try to keep the house clean.

There’s nothing bad about it, but guys usually don’t like going around the house searching for their stuff.

Yes, and maybe they don’t always appreciate their girlfriends’ effort.


Men don’t like when girls lie or keep their thoughts to themselves

A man believes all the compliments that a woman says to him, even those that are a bit exaggerated.

Therefore, if a girl tells her boyfriend the whole truth about him, it results in emotional trauma.

If you don’t like something, you should tell a man about it.

While the woman is silent, her boyfriend thinks that everything is fine.


Using sex to control a man

The fact is that women don’t always use sex as a means to get something from her boyfriend.

There are times when leaving a man without sex is used as a tool for punishment.

Nobody likes such behavior.

That’s why it’s better not to use it against guys.

Sex is an important part of a man’s life, and by leaving him without it, a woman puts relationships under the question.

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