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Get Known … The Easy Tips for Meeting People

There’s always exceptions to the rule but in general, the people who complain about not being able to meet people aren’t doing enough to try.

Although they understand that doing the same thing day in and day out will net the same results, they are too lazy or comfortable to change their behavior.

This is fine if they accept it and don’t complain. But they won’t and they do.

can you party
Once you take the first brave steps, the rest is easy. Can you do it?

Even after you break down the logic of them not “trying” hard enough and them buying into this logic, the next time you meet them up they go off on the same rant about not being able to meet people or how there is nobody out there for them to meet who’s worth their effort.

Well I’m telling you now that you might be one of those people.

And you don’t have to be if you allocate some time to work on this.

Once you know what to do you have to execute it and this can often be difficult as it may not be something you are used to.

People tend to not be comfortable with anything that deviates from their normal schedule.

If meeting somebody is really what you want then here are some tips and ideas that you might find fun and motivating to get yourself started.

If meeting someone “would be nice” but you are generally very comfortable and happy with your life and schedule right now, then good for you, you’re happy already, enjoy it!

Some of these ideas itself could be it’s own post, so they are very general.


I hope these point you in the right direction:

  • Attend happy hours at your work or your friend’s work. Many times friend’s invite other friends to the more casual work events like happy hours.
  • Organize events (happy hours, networking dinners, social outings) and do not be afraid to mix groups (college friends + co workers etc..)
  • Utilize websites for locating events near by that may interest you. (Meetup, Eventbrite to name a few). This is becoming very popular and almost every major city you’ll find groups or events where you’ll meet people of similar interest.
  • Take classes you’re interested in. This gives you the opportunity to meet people of the same interest and if you don’t you still learned something you were interested in anyway.
  • Be active on social networks. Many times being active on publicly visible platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn allows for serendipity to take place where you can meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have, either within your professional and social network or outside of it
  • Ask your friend specifically if they know somebody that may be they think you’d like to meet. You’d be surprise. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.
  • Volunteer for events. You will definitely meet people and at the same time help contribute to something worthwhile.
  • Try online dating websites. If you haven’t given it a real effort yet. Do it now!

If you what you see above is not part of your weekly or monthly activities in one way or another, you may be the one responsible for you not having to have met some cool people to date or socialize with. If it is, you can always try harder.

Feel free to give your own ideas on how to meet people in the comments below.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it this far so here’s what you can do next:

  • Apart from these, what other ways have you used to meet people?
  • Do you believe people can avoid ‘getting out there’ and live like hermits, successfully?
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And thanks for reading too – Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Eric is the Co-Founder of myTreat

Eric – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

17 thoughts on “Things You Can Do To Put Yourself Out There”
  1. It’s easy to say, meet up with other people. It’s hard to do that. But hey, you’ve got a very interesting and fun article so I’m ditching my PJs and I’m hanging out tonight!

    1. Hey there Sandra. I’m going to lob in here since Eric seems to be missing in action, in his replying.
      It takes some guts to say its hard to do anything, in our lives so I personally applaud you in making the comment.
      What I’d love to do is help / assist you in actually getting out there. Would you mind letting us peep inside just a little and asking why you personally find it challenging to do?

    1. You know, I personally find the term ‘loners’ to be slightly negative, Caira. I prefer ‘Internal thinkers’ because that’s the personality trait being used. As an example, I’m externally focussed and my wife, Pam is an internal thinker. Neither is right or wrong. Great article from Eric too.
      What’s you’re thought on the word loner as opposed to internal thinker?

  2. This one’s for loners, homebodies and couch potatoes. It’s more fun to meet people and hang out with them personally and make new friends!

  3. Meeting someone new is like Jim Beam for the heart. It boosts your confidence and you end up being happy to meet new people!

  4. I like making new friends, I actually enjoy getting in touch with my new acquaintances from different parts of the world. It gets me going with those happy hormones. Relieves stress!

    1. I see a few others find it quite challenging, Veronica.
      What’s your secret sauce in making the first move to connect? I’m sure others would find it valuable info to dwell on and, possibly, take action on.

    1. Wow, that takes guts to say you lack in an area. Well it does for some people, Emilia.
      I’m the same in some areas too. My little internal process for bypassing them, in a social setting, is to sit at the front of the room :) A bit like initially forcing myself and then discovering I’m OK and enjoying the experience.
      Do you think that might work for you?

  5. Hi Eric,
    These are great tips. Many of us possess a fear of parties and meeting new people. Through this post you have efficiently displayed the rules of the game. Social networking sites can indeed aid in breaking the ice. Thanks for the share.

    1. Some great lil tips indeed, Aayna.
      I’ve met some wonderful people face to face from just initially being their Facebook friend. When the chance surfaced they were in the area, it’s ‘coffee time!’. Great thing to keep in mind.

  6. I’m highly sociable but ever since I started working from home, I never really had the chance to meet new people personally. I think it would really be best to go out some time soon :) Thanks for the interesting share!

    1. It’s a matter of ‘just doing it’, Joy, don’t you think? Often times we get in a rut and a comfort zone that becomes a security blanket we don’t want to take off.
      It isn’t until you make a conscious decision to change that you do. Can I suggest you make a decision and make a time and place to get out there, just once?

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