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Do you Want Dull or Dynamite?

You create memories that he will never forget, and you solidify your bond in a way that will tie you closer to your bud than ever

Your best buddy is getting married, and he has charged you with throwing a bachelor party to end all bachelor parties.

No pressure, but you’re solely responsible for making sure this is one of the best nights of his life, while at the same time ensuring he doesn’t make any stupid mistakes to jeopardize his “happily ever after.”

Your best buddy has made you his best man.

It’s important to take this honor seriously and plan his bachelor party well in advance.


A Quick Lesson in Life-long Suffering

Here’s a quick story to give you an idea of the importance of this night and how it can affect his future.

I had a friend that had never been to a strip club, had never seen topless waitresses, topless barmaids, or seen strippers.

Think and get his party started
Think and get his party started


It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

His best friend decided that the best gift he could give was to take his friend out on the town and experience all of these things before he became shackled for life.

Unfortunately, this plan didn’t jive with who his friend was, his values and the relationship he wanted to build with his future wife.

So, here’s what happened.

They went out on the town, my buddy saw topless waitresses, topless barmaids, and more strippers than he could ever hope to see.

He had a great time, but then he went home and told his wife, because he believed it was important to be honest.

It was the right thing to do, but his soon to be wife started to question the relationship.

They ended up getting married, but if you talk to him about that night now, he’ll tell you it wasn’t worth it.

Ten years later and it still affects their relationship.

Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with going to a strip club, but you have to take his interests into consideration. You don’t have to spill everything, but make sure you run your plans by your friend before the big night.

So, how do you go about throwing an amazing bachelor party?

You create memories that he will never forget, and you solidify your bond in a way that will tie you closer to your bud than ever.

The big man needs to have final say, while still being in the dark about certain activities.


Create a Budget

Get the money and budget sorted out for the party, first
Get the money and budget sorted out for the party, first


Yeah, we’re getting boring here, but you need to have a budget and that budget better cover every possible expense and then some.

This is a chance for your best bud to relax, forget about his troubles and spend a night or weekend preparing for his big day.

Consider the most important people in the party, and make sure they have the funds necessary to afford any trip you take.

If you’re set on a trip to Thailand and half of the people in your party can’t afford it, then consider going somewhere closer.

Come to a consensus with the entire group, and then work out a budget that everyone can afford.


Keep Him in the Dark

It’s important that your friend not know about some aspects of the bachelor party.

That is a key element in making it spontaneous and enjoyable, but you still need to go over the basics with him to make sure he’s cool.

Remember the story?

Don’t put him in an awkward position with his new life.

Just because you’re comfortable with doing something wild and crazy, doesn’t mean he will be okay with it.

Ultimately, it’s his party and you need to consider what he wants, even if it goes against what you think a bachelor party should be.

The bachelor surprise will be totally worth it :)
The bachelor surprise will be totally worth it :)


Do Something Different

The best way to make something memorable is to break things up and do something out of the ordinary.

You can go to your local haunts any day of the week.

For a bachelor party, consider taking a road trip, test your metal in an exotic country or take that skydiving adventure you two have been talking about since you were kids.

You can agree to go to Vegas, while not telling your buddy about all of the activities you have planned.

Imagine the surprise when you roll up to a skydiving company, visit an onsen in Japan or finally participate in Octoberfest.

Be creative - a million possibilities for this big party day
Be creative – a million possibilities for this big party day


What’s Your Opinion?

  • What’s your most success in planning this sort of party?
  • Did you plan it yourself or with your other buddies?
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Throwing a Killer Bachelor Party, The Right Way 2

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Archie – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

6 thoughts on “Throwing a Killer Bachelor Party, The Right Way”
  1. Sorry to hear your friend didn’t really respond well to the strip-club bachelor party. I’m glad the couple worked it out just fine!
    I went to a couple of hen parties, and honestly, I enjoyed the drink-drank-drunk ones the least. We are so not in college anymore, we can’t keep up the tempo :D
    However, a cousin once took us to Octoberfest, for my aunt’s wedding. It was a month before the big day, but everybody had an excellent time. We even ran into our boys from the stag party, said our hellos, and ran off for the flavored beers.
    Yeah, activity/travel hen parties are the best, imo

  2. This article remind me the plan of bachelor party of a friend in Brazil time ago, and the wife of one of my friends discover the plan and we cancelled the bachelor :-( Why happened this? because one of my friends told about this to her wife and she told the plan to the other ladies… so if you plan something like this never never talk about this with your girlfriend or wife!

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