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Happy Habits are Good Habits :)

We all want to be happy in our personal life.

While the internet is full of articles on how to become a happy couple, we offer you a different thing.

For those who are still single, this article will show what they should be seeking.

Those who are already in relationships, let’s check are you brave enough to see whether you are a happy couple or not?

Well, whatever, let’s check out the top ten habits of happy couples that were provided by Romance Compass Catholic Dating Website.


Happy Couples Go to Bed at the Same Time

When you start dating you can’t wait for the time to get in bed together to make love or just to sleep side by side, because that makes you feel happy.

If you are a happy couple, this desire shouldn’t fade away.

You both resist the temptation to go to bed at different times, and search for alternative variants, like getting earlier than your partner to get done the things you could have done sacrificing the possibility of going to bed in the same time.

Try it because it works!
Try it because it works!


Happy Couples Cultivates Mutual Interests

You may have different tastes in books or movies or music, but there must be at least one TV-show, one book, or one artist that you both enjoy.

Moreover, happy couples open their interest to each other.

Partners are interested in exploring the likes of each other. And if mutual interests are absent, happy couples manage to develop them.


Happy Couples Walk Hand in Hand

Or at least side by side.

There is something really wrong with you if one of you is leading and the other one is dragging behind.

It is way important to be with your partner than to enjoy the sights on your own.

walk hand in hand is always best
walk hand in hand is always best


Happy Couples Make Trust Their Default Mode

You are a happy couple if you are more inclined to trust each other whatever happens.

When suspicions arise, then probably something is really wrong with you, as happy couples have trust as their default mode.

Actually, what are you doing in relationships with someone you don’t truly trust? It sort of…makes no sense.


In Happy Couples You Focus on Partner’s Rights, Rather Than Wrongs

Well, the couple cannot be happy, if you concentrate on wrong actions and decisions of each other.

It leads to nothing, except to constant fights and scandals, and, eventually, to break up.

Once again, why on Earth you’d be dating someone because of his or her flaws?

We pick partners based on their strong sides.


Happy Couples Hug Each Other

Good touch means that we are loved.

Bad touch means that we are abused.

No-touch means that we are neglected.

Happy couples hug each other whenever there is a possibility because skin memory requires it.


Happy Couples Say “I Love You”

Could it have gone banaler?

No, it couldn’t, but still, it is true.

Those three simple words mean a lot when you are dating.


Happy Couples Say “Good Night”

Okay, we’ve lied about the previous point, but nevertheless, it is still important words.

If you don’t say “good night” to each other, you are not a happy couple.


Happy Couple Check on Each Other During The Day

Yep, partners in happy couples call each other a few times a day, just to check out whether everything is going fine.


Happy Couples Are Proud to Be Seen Together

When you are a happy couple, you never hide.

It doesn’t mean that you try to create an event out of your relationship, but you are proud to be seen together.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Habits of all Happy Couples”
  1. I take exception to this article and would like to comment.

    Going to bed at the same time is irrelevant. I believe it is the making time for intimacy that it more the point rather than going to bed at the same time. There are many couples where one person works nights, or have a new baby, or have insomnia, or are going to school and must stay up and work on their education. I am sure there are a million reasons why couples may not go to bed at the same time. As you are living your life, just don’t forget about your partner.

    Of course, that is the point behind the assertion of having to walk hand in hand or hugging. Yes, touch is important, but again, must be done when both parties are open to it and ready to take the time for one another. The assertion about walking hand in hand has very different connotations from one culture to the next and also one relationship to the next. In some cultures this is a common practice that the female walks behind the male and they do not touch in public. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with them or their relationship, its just the way they function together. Likewise, in LGBTQ relationships it is not uncommon at all for the couple to not walk hand in hand. There is probably no lack of love, just a safety precaution or possibly one person or both people not feeling comfortable with the level of ‘outness’ it requires to be ok with PDA.

    My wife and I do not walk hand in hand because she is not comfortable with the stares we get; we do not have many common interests, although we are trying to develop some; we do not usually check on one another during the day although I think that is more because I work in a place that records all phone calls and I am not comfortable with knowing that people are listening to our private information. I believe that we are at least reasonably happy, although, she may disagree! LOL I believe that the most important thing to being happy together is the ability to flex and bend and find our way together despite our needs being outside the norm.

    Don’t feel bad if you do not fit within the constructs of what other people believe is necessary for happiness with your significant other… as long as the two of you are working together you are doing it right!

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