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Just Say It With Roses !

The holidays are right around the corner, and most men are struggling, maybe panicking, over what to get everyone from their mother to their daughters and wives.

What many men fail to realize is that any occasion is the right occasion to give the gift of luxury roses. Of course, you may want to add a book or two, some bath salts, and a bottle of her favorite perfume to the list, but it’s important to know that no woman has ever turned down roses.

With that being said, keep on reading for a list of the top 10 occasions where it’s best just to say it with roses.


Mother’s Day

While there are tons of options for Mother’s Day gifts on the market today, if your mother is like other mothers out there, she already has one of everything.

The one thing that she won’t get tired of and will love to get from the son she is incredibly proud of is a bouquet of roses.

Throw in a basket of her favorite bubble baths and body washes, and she is sure to make you Sunday dinner for at least a month to come.

mothers day variety
mothers day variety

On Her Wedding Day

You have watched her grow from the freckled face child who scraped her knee climbing trees to the stunning vision walking down the aisle today to meet the man of her dreams.

You will want to let her know how special she is to you and that you will always be her daddy with a gift that carries your heart with it.

A gift of roses presented to your daughter on her wedding day will ensure that she never forgets you and that you will always be the first man in her heart.


At Christmas

Christmas can be a hard time to figure out the perfect gift for everyone from your mom to your wife.

There are many, many gift ideas out there and your wife is sure to love every one of them. While you are going to get her anything, she asked for and even more, there is just something special about presenting her with a bunch of gorgeous roses on Christmas Eve in front of a Christmas tree that is lit up with lights.

Make sure that you hang some mistletoe nearby so that you can seal that gift with a kiss.


Valentine’s Day

While this one might go without saying, it’s the perfect opportunity to show the woman you love that you care with flowers.

Remember, there are many different colors of roses on the market today, and each color has its own special meaning.

Present your love with roses and then hand her a book that tells the meaning of the color of roses as well.



Easter is a time when everyone wants flowers.

Spring is in the air, love is blooming, and thoughts are turning to gardens and picnics.

Gift your mother, your daughter, or that special someone with the gift of roses, not just any roses, though; make them luxury roses, so that their Easter will be made.


Your Anniversary

Whether you have been married one year or 50, anniversaries call for something extra special.

A bottle of wine, a moonlight picnic on the beach, and a dozen luxury roses will make your anniversary one that she will remember for many years to come.


When Your Child is Born

There is nothing more special than the day your child is born.

You want to jump for joy, yell it from the rooftops, and give out expensive Cuban cigars.

However, what you should do, on top of all that, is gift the mother of your child with roses. She will love you for it and it will be something she will remember forever.


To Impress that Special Someone

You have waited for months, maybe even years, for that special someone to say yes to at least one date.

If you want to impress her, then pick up some roses on the way to pick her up.

Take her to a nice, elegant dinner, a walk on the beach, and then coffee in an out of the way, cozy café and soon her heart will be yours.


When You Propose

Thinking of proposing to the woman you love?

Don’t forget to do it with roses!

A romantic night, a moonlit walk, and the proposal of your dreams will have her saying yes quick and in a hurry.

Proposing should be one of the best and happiest times of your life, make it even more special for both of you with roses.


Just Because

Truly, there doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to present the women in your life with roses they will surely love.

Send them just because you can, just because you care and you will be surprised at the love you will get in return.

Roses are always the answer, whether you are trying to impress or celebrate success.

Now, that we know which occasions are best for gifting the one you love with roses, let’s talk about some of the meanings of the colors behind these fragrant flowers.

While just about everyone knows that red roses are the color of love and passion, they don’t know that other colors of roses have meanings behind them as well. Three of the most popular colors are described below.


White Roses

Since the white rose is associated with the Virgin Mary, it is considered to represent purity, innocence, and chastity.

It is also associated with new beginnings. Now, the white rose itself is said to a symbol of deep and abiding love and often associated with marriage as well.

It is most often given at funerals, weddings, and baptisms.


Yellow Roses

While the yellow rose used to signify jealousy and cheating, it has evolved over time to mean something totally different.

Now it means friendship and a relationship that is strictly platonic.

A dozen yellow roses send a clear message to the receiver that you only want to be friends and that you wish them joy, you care and want a platonic friendship.

These roses are most often given as get well soon gifts and the birth of a baby, sort of a congratulation rose.


Pink Roses

Pink roses are very common and one of the prettiest roses you can find.

The meaning of these roses is pretty broad and covers everything from happiness to admiration and a few emotions in between. The occasions pink roses are most given for can be romantic or platonic, so you have to be careful just what your intentions are when you send them.

They make great thank you gifts, however!

These are just a few of the meanings that different colored roses have.

If you are going to send a dozen luxury roses to someone you know, then it’s best to see what the meaning is beforehand, so you don’t end up in hot water in the end.


These are just a few of the occasions that warrant luxury roses.

From the typical Valentine’s Day treat to the day your daughter marries the man she loves, giving roses will bring a smile to every woman in your life’s face, no matter the occasion or the reason behind the gift.

Roses are a gift of love.

From now on, when you need a gift for someone you love, say it with roses!


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Top 10 Occasions When It's Best to Say it with a Rose 2

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