survive a long distance relationship

I Know What You’re Thinking

One could text you something and you take it completely the wrong way

Now, I know what mostly everyone thinks, long distance relationships (LDR) DO NOT WORK!

Well, I beg to differ.

I have been in a long-distance relationship for over a year and a half now and would never up and decide that it wasn’t worth it anymore.  My boyfriend is my best friend and I wouldn’t have my life any other way.

There are some struggles that come up in long-distance relationships, but aren’t there struggles in relationships that are in the same town as well?

I’m here to help!


Trust Is the Number 1 Deal Breaker in All Relationships.

I have seen so many relationships fail for the lack of trust.

Before you decide you want to start a long-distance relationship, you must first trust the person in question.

Top 5 Ways to Make It In A Long Distance Relationship 1
In your partner, you must trust for love to blossom
Don’t you think it’s the real bond that allows love?

If you do not trust your partner you will find yourself very uneasy and hesitant with anything they do.



What is a relationship without communication?

Communication in long-distance relationships is a tad bit different than in “regular” relationships.

With long distance, you can’t see your significant other every day.

In my case, I usually see my boyfriend one weekend out of each month.  This means that sometimes I feel quite lonely, and just want to “talk”.

Text messages are killers.

One could text you something and you take it completely the wrong way, which sometimes leads to fights and arguments that would have never happened if in person.  This needs to be accounted for.

Make sure you communicate correctly and don’t just assume things.


Communication goes a long way.


Physical Contact.

I think it’s imperative that you see your significant other on some sort of regular basis, or timed schedule.

Seeing your partner makes the distance all worthwhile.

Being able to spend a whole weekend with my boyfriend makes us so much closer.

Some people have asked me if I consider my relationship “real” considering it is long distance.

My answer is yes.

Just because I can’t see my boyfriend every day doesn’t mean that we don’t have a deep connection that no one else would understand, or that we don’t love each other any less.


Have an LDR Goal.

Many people are long-distance just for a relationship.

My boyfriend and I are long-distance, but know that we will be in the same city soon.

I think it’s important to know that once your relationship is settled and going well, that you will soon be able to be in the same city and have a “normal” relationship.

Top 5 Ways to Make It In A Long Distance Relationship 2
A goal is a dream with a deadline
Dream BIG

Most people want to settle down and have a family someday.

Because of that, they might ease away from long distances because they feel that their partner will always be far away from them.

The reason I know I can get through it is that I know I will be living in the same city as him in the near future.


Be in Control.

Long-distance cannot work if you’re not in control of your own life.

Many people in “normal” relationships tend to spend all their waking time with their significant other.  With a long-distance relationship, that’s not possible.

I have a close group of friends that I spend my time with that understand that I am in a relationship.  I also had to learn to be able to be independent.  Independence is key.

Long-distance means not always having your partner go places with you, or help you with things.

Close friends and family help in that respect.


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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to Make It In A Long Distance Relationship”
  1. But at times, when one of the partner socializes in the new city, don’t you think that he/she might end up cheating?

    1. Anything is possible in a relationship, whether it’s a long term one or when two people are living together.

      It’s a matter of trust, bonding and transparent communication. Cheating can happen in an LDR or otherwise. Cheating can happen with distance and closeness.

  2. Long distance relationships can be really challenging. Communication probably on a daily basis is extremely important to make the things still going. But with the different advancements today in technology especially in Internet communication, getting in touch with a loved one everyday or even every hour or minute is now so much easier.

    The presence of Facebook, Skype, video chats and other technology makes a couple survive the challenges in a long distance relationship.

    – Blake

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