Top Five Reasons to Marry a Financial Advisor

Marriage & a Money Person

redrockbrokersGetting married is one important step as it also means sharing financial responsibilities.

Marrying a financial advisor ensures that any of your current financial plans get easily accommodated to the new changes in your life.

Before you get married to a financial advisor, it is important that you consider certain questions, such as:

  • Do you require any prenuptial agreement?
  • How will you both merge your separate finances?
  • Managing money will be a joint effort or not?
  • What will be the long-term financial goals for you both as a couple?

Marrying a financial advisor can definitely help you to keep your finances healthy.

This proves out to be crucial when it comes to achieving certain milestones in your life.

Below are my five reasons you should marry a financial advisor :)


Having Children

Parenthood is certainly a life-changing event for everyone.

But in the absence of proper planning, you can face financial burdens during the different phases of managing children, especially their financial liabilities.

However, a financial advisor will cautiously save for his child’s college fund, emergency fund and also reserve some to aid his family in the event of his death.


Starting up with a Career after College

romantic18A financial planner at this stage of life can definitely set the children on the right track.

He (or she) can easily guide them before they sign off on all of the benefits paperwork.

Also if your children are looking for a job change, your spouse can discuss the options of rolling past any contributions over into their current employer funds.


Selling or Buying of Property

Your financial advisor spouse can easily walk through the complicated process of investing into any property.

Having a mortgage broker career gives him a good knowledge of the type of mortgage to choose from.

Your spouse can also guide you in decisions relating to home insurances, real estate taxes and closing fees, etc.


Planning Your Retirement

There are many employers who offer pension plans for their employees to help them save towards their retirement.

If your company does not offer such plans, or if you wish to save more upon your retirement, then your financial advisor spouse can guide you through the long-term investment to help you achieve your retirement goals.


Plan a Secured Life

Financial advisors are stacked with all the latest information and know exactly what all is relevant and what is not.

They have complete knowledge of what investment is going to benefit them and what can cause them damage.

They are highly learned and experienced professionals who plan their finances keeping in mind all the major drawbacks.


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