True Love Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be, There’s More …

True love might have first appeared to have been love at first sight.

It might even have been after you’ve been dating that guy or gal for a while.


At some point though, you get this voice in your head saying:

Oh wow, I think this might be true love

What’s The Signs Of Your True Love?

  • You get a shortness of breath
  • You smile to yourself whenever you see them
  • You’re always getting these urges to just give them a hug.
  • You love touching them
  • You just don’t know what it is but they give you this warm glow inside


True Love Isn’t What You Really Want

Well, all those qualities are freaking great, aren’t they?

Yeah, they are great BUT it’s only a poor beginning to what you really need to be aiming for.


Eternal Love, Baby, Yeah.

true love is often your first love

Never think true love is all there is for you.
There could be much much more

The feeling of love obviously needs a starting point.

And like anything that’s worthy of doing right, there’s also an end goal with lots of ‘middle stuff’ to work out, in getting to the end goal. Right?

Will, that goal we all need to be mindful of AND working towards is Eternal Love.


What’s Eternal Love Then?

While true love starts with two people coming together, for the first time, due to strong feelings of desire, togetherness and friendship … eternal love has other qualities.

You might not know it yet. It’s D E S T I N Y

  • Eternal Love isn’t selfish
  • Eternal Love isn’t materialistic.
  • Eternal Love doesn’t look at physical existence
  • Eternal Love comes when somebody loves selflessly
  • Eternal Love has no expectations from other side
  • Eternal Love doesn’t end, even when one’s dream are unfulfilled
  • Eternal Love is a feeling that is difficult to define – a love that will last forever.
  • No power is stronger. an unbreakable bond between two soul-mates destined for each other.
  • Eternal Love can’t wither or die.
  • Eternal Love is the greatest power to ever exist … endless … never-ending


How Do I Get Eternal Love Then?

To be honest, it’s a journey we’re all on, even my second wife, Pamela Allen and myself.

It’s a destination worth buying your ticket to.

eternal love is a different destination

Try a different outlook and journey to eternal love.
It’ll be worth the drive

You’re going to hit air pockets and turbulence, that’s a given.

With the above dot-points in mind, how do you fare with each?

For me, I’m still holding onto historical expectations so that’s certainly needing ongoing work and attention.

I’m sometimes wanting Pam’s company all to myself so there are aspects of selfishness.

I’m only human :)

We’ve always referred to ourselves as ‘The Chosen Ones’ and maintain that thought always.

[quote author=”- Martin J Cooney 2012″]Live the belief and give it attention and focus.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post.

Here’s what you can do next:

  • So where are you on your journey?
  • Do you prefer true love or does external love sound like a magical destination to arrive at?
  • Or do you completely disagree and think I’m a nutcase?
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