Having self confidence and a positive attitude is the winning formula to dating success

A Positive Attitude Is Everything

What do women look for in a man?

Why does your happiness appeal to a woman? Simply out of mystery.

Sure, looks and personality are key to making a good first impression, but beyond that, there are other characteristics that draw them in and make them want to continue getting to know him.

A major characteristics that women are attracted to is the overall contentment the man portrays.

Desperation is downright unappealing, seeming neutral is too ordinary, but expressing utter satisfaction with the lifestyle you lead makes her want to latch on and get to know you better.

adjust to a positive attitude
Adjust to a positive attitude


Get Your Shit Together

It has always been true that a weaker person needs a stronger person to make themselves feel better.

And if you act like the man who has all the answers and everything sorted out in life, then women will want to be around you.

I’m not saying to be bleak or boring, instead just show her that you have your priorities down, your life organized, and having a woman in your life isn’t the most important thing for you because you aren’t necessarily lonely.

Sure, falling in love wouldn’t hurt, but it’s not the reason for existence in your mind. There are great and exciting things out there that already take up your time, and if you are able to express that to a woman, she will want to get to know your secret.

When you radiate genuine satisfaction or happiness, women often wonder how or why you can be so happy when they lack that quality in themselves. Because let’s face it, most people on earth are not completely fulfilled with their lifestyles.

So why does your happiness appeal to a woman?

Simply out of mystery.

The Mystery Of The Female Process

  • First, she thinks, why is he so happy.
  • Then she thinks, why am I not as happy.
  • And finally, how can I be as happy as him.


Essentially, she begins to want to spend more time with you.

That leads to hooking up just because she becomes attracted to the fact that your happiness does not get swayed by her, and therefore you are not as interested in her as most other guys that she affiliates with.

Fundamentally, it is the sheer fact that you do not need her in your life to be happy that makes her want to be with you even more.

What it boils down to is the idea of indifference with a spin.


The Dating Game

Many times men act indifferent to a woman in order to show them that they are not as impressed with her as the other men around her in order to stimulate the idea that he is in fact the Alpha male of the group.

They often times do it with an undertone of contempt, which is easy to pick up on.

However, when you’re with a woman and you portray sincere contentment with that mixture of indifference, then you get a man who shows no worries and no desire to hook-up with the woman (which is something every woman gets excited over), and ultimately it makes it look like he has no interest in playing games with her.

A man who acts happy and with no need for the woman shows his true nature without any indirect motives of getting with her.

This, essentially, is a game beyond the game.

The more natural you seem, and the less you look like you’re trying to hook up with her by showing her that you are leveling with her and not attempting to reap any sexual benefit in return for being smooth, the more the woman will see that you’re actually someone more interesting and less shallow.

Being yourself is everything
Being yourself is everything


Sophistication versus Average

The women that this style of approach works best with tend to be more sophisticated and experienced than the average girl that you’re just interested in sleeping with on occasion.

Girls, as opposed to women, are impressed with the men who can pull out a couple of smooth lines and sweep them off their feet with their slightly boosted egos.

Women, on the other hand, have already seen and heard the common lines and compliments, and sometimes look for a man that is above the boyish tactics.


So Try It Out Yourself

Try it out for yourself with the next girl you ask out for coffee or lunch and see how impressed she’ll become by the end of the date.


Your Turn Now

What do you think of this approach?

Silly, egotistical, totally false, or something else?

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