humans were never meant to live alone

Want To Be Single? Really?

What if I told you that you could have immense wealth and happiness beyond your wildest dreams?

human beings are pair bonded creatures

Your Wealth Must Start Somewhere

There are a great many people who have been through some tough times in past relationships.

One of the resounding resolutions is ‘I’m now just happy being single.’ or ‘I no longer need a partner to fulfill me’.

With those statements, I’d challenge them that that is entirely untrue.

Being single isn't what it is cracked up to be
Being single isn’t what it is cracked up to be


To Be Single Is Silly And I’ll Tell You Why

It’s my firm belief that human beings are pair-bonded creatures.

Without getting into a raging debate with those outside male / female relationships:

  • There’s a natural attraction with opposites
  • We’re made with special connecting bits and pieces
  • Human beings are socially wired.
  • Without the family unit, the human race would have ended thousands of years ago
  • It’s a popular belief that the raising of children with both men and women provide a balanced upbringing of character qualities


Tough Times Build Barriers

As a starting point, watch this visualization video to gain an idea of where you should be thinking, and then we’ll chat about resistance barriers.



So where does the resistance come from to want to live alone?

As a simple analogy, how many times does it take for you to change your method of hammering a nail if you keep hitting your thumb?

We want to avoid pain upon ourselves.

Sure, we’ll experience something negativity in life.

If we keep getting the same pain, our brains are wired to eventually look at ways to avoid that particular experience.

So whether you realize it or not, we’ll associate a number of negative or painful relationships with “to be single” relationships in general.


So What’s The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg?

If I told you that you could live with incredible wealth and it would only take you a couple of failures to get there, you’d jump at the chance, wouldn’t you?

The promise of happiness beyond measure.

And that’s exactly the mindset I adopted when it came to finding my ultimate relationship happiness.

I knew I’d come across partners that are incompatible. Some people think it is better to be single but not me.

I also had some sad experiences with some tough lessons.

Did I give up – hell NO!

I want to find my happiness and I’m determined to get to that treasure, no matter what.


Are You Clear In What Your Treasure Even Looks Like?

Firstly, do check out my post on defining the treasure – ‘ Getting a Lover is easier than buying Real Estate

The main point to that post was ensuring you understand as well as recognize the treasure map as well as the route and destination you’re going to travel.

Every treasure has a start and endpoint and perils along the way. Sure you’ll probably battle a few dragons but that’s all in the quest, isn’t it?

Determine what your Holy Grail looks like and get out there and fight for the treasure.

Be prepared for a few dragon battles along the way and know the adventure is worth the effort for you.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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One thought on “Wanting To Be Single Is Utter Crap”
  1. It is the natural that we are attracted towards the opposite sex. I was reading in a research based on sexual attraction of both same sex attraction and opposite. In that research it was claiming that those who want to stay single or those who are attracted towards the same sex are not mentally perfect this happened due to the shortage of excess of anything in them as compared to normal human. Not even animals are attracted towards the same sex.

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