Ashley Madison promotes adultery and affairs

Those Damn Adult Dating Sites!

I get a heap of junk mail, being an Internet denizen for over 25 years.

Recently, I’ve seen an increase in Junk mail for the likes of Ashley Madison, Badoo, and NoStringsAttached.

There are piles of these sites popping up everywhere.


Is Being An Adulterer Popular?

With an enquiring mind and an interest in what was going on, I registered on NoStringAttached (no longer registered since I wrote this post) just to see the sort of activity as well as the number and type of people who are actually set to purely have sex while still married or in a relationship.

I wonder whether they give any thoughts that they’re also going to violate their marriage vows and, just as importantly, engage in deception and secrecy.

I was blown away (pardon the pun).

Check this screenshot of the number of women in my local area of Buderim, Sunshine Coast – Buderim is a small area, and this site, as far as I know, is really quite new.

no strings attached adultery with adult dating sites
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Ashley Madison’s site boasts a membership of more than 8,500,000 registered people.

At first glance, I thought this was unbelievable and probably a marketing gimmick.

Witnessing firsthand the number of women in my local community that has embarked on screwing anything that moves, I’m now convinced society is slowly and innocuously turning a blind eye to what will destroy the fabric of our morals.


Will It Rain For 40 Days and Nights?

The human brain can justify any decision we make, no matter how stupid or even immoral.

I’ve written a number of posts on Emotional Affairs and Marital Affairs and why they might happen, even in a supposed healthy relationship – check out ‘Is Cheating About Our Own Needs’ as well as ‘Top Reasons Why Partners Cheat’ for a refresher on the background information on extramarital cheating and affairs.

But where is civilisation headed?

It’s a long-held belief humans grow strong, healthy, and wise when they grow up from a loving, nurtured, and caring family unit.

These, in my view, are the very building blocks that make us into rational, fair-minded, loving human beings who care for others and perpetuate the positive-minded value system of the species.

Positive breeds positive and negative generates more negative.

Imagine the spectacle of old-time Gomorrah which was the image I pondered on.

Ashley Madison and NoStringsAttached are money-making dating sites, hinged on the hopes and lust of people looking to sneak out and engage in sex chat and sexual acts with those equally willing to indulge.

It’s all about the money for them – sex sells, sneaky sex probably sells in even bigger quantities and when I joined NoStringsAttached, I was prompted within the first few pages I clicked on to upgrade so I can send messages to other adulterers.

Ashley Madison really is an online brothel.

Members are prostituting themselves – you can’t argue the fact that members are paying for sex.


Is Having An Extramarital Affair A Good Thing?

Now I’m a pretty liberal-minded guy if you’ve read some of GeekandJock’s posts and articles.

Apart from being liberal-minded, I’m also very much a positive-minded and moral person.

I love making love.

I have fantasies as well as lustful desires and hang-ups, just like everyone else on the planet.

Does this mean I have the right to go out behind my partner’s back and screw my brains out, just for my own pleasure?

Would I like that to be happening behind my back? Is this the way to treat someone you love?

No … No … No

Ashley Madison and other dating sites like it will eventually destroy the very fabric of society’s morals and we’ll end up in relationship chaos and downward spiraling depravity.


Genuine Relationships & Dating Sites

I think I’ll start putting together a GeekandJock Dating site that concentrates on sincere and genuine relationships as my own contribution to saving the world. If you’re looking for genuine then do check out these dating sites for honesty.


Speak Your Mind About Adult Dating Sites, With Your Opinion

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Warning: Ashley Madison Destroys World 1

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5 thoughts on “Warning: Ashley Madison Destroys World”
  1. men want a wife at home and whores on the side. we are returning to our natural barbaric state, before society enforced marriage as a prison to men. men who marry these days are fools, when beautiful young ladies of 17 are there, whether you have to pay for it or not, why be tied down to an aging hag. would you order playboy if every month was the same women just getting older?

    "the price of sex is the company of a woman"

    1. You're kidding right?

      Society forced nothing onto men or women. And if you hadn't realised it because you have your head stuck in a Playboy magazine, jerking off, many people live quite happily in co-habitation arrangements. Who's forcing what on who there, you idiot.

      You're very obviously a guy who's seen nothing of the real world nor have you actually had a real relationship with a breathing woman. Grow up.

      1. Welcome Sexbait – interesting nickname :)

        Thanks for visiting our site and it's refreshing to hear from both a sexually open-minded and confident woman as well as one who's had real world experiences in being through the dating site cycle. And come out wiser, for the experience.

        I'm sure there are 'adulterous success stories' for Ashley Madison and NoStringsAttached too. Adultery, deception and lying in relationships seems rife in today's society. I'm sure since you're clear on your direction and relationship needs, you'll find that special man – though keep checking back here as I might have a GeekandJock Dating site before you've found him :)

        Thanks again for your comments and story.

        1. Thank you.

          Most of the stories I hear about are these sites are full of losers who are paying for a quick fuck with sluts who want the same thing. I'd like to hear any other women's success story though. Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way but I'm really clear in my head on what I want in a man and what he needs to be able to do to fulfill me, mentally and sexually.

          On your confident open mindedness comment though. I'd like to think I'm a todays woman who want to try anything at least once to see if it's mutually and sexually pleasurable. Why should only guys have the right to determine my sexual journey and taste? Sexual experimentation needs to come out of the closet for us ladies!

  2. Interesting analogy.

    As a woman, I love sex, I really do. I love it everywhere and anywhere. That said, I think Ashley Madison and websites like it just suck and are mostly scams. I've been a member of many sites in my quest for a trustworthy man who can give me what I want and to be my man and my man alone.

    All these sites are after your money and engage in illicit tactics in tricking you to constantly upgrade with more money. I have had a few male friends who testify to this fact too. Sex, dating and adultery is big business. I'll look forward to your dating site too!

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