you need to fix the relationship and move forward

Relationships get out of balance

The perception of troubles in perceived healthy relationships usually comes to mind in just one partner’s mind, first.

Fight for what you believe in to be utopia in love.

Consider this; you’re both thinking you’re building a healthy relationship and, at some point, one person has the thought ‘Hang on, this actually isn’t what I’m wanting in this relationship if you ask me’.

Relationships get out of balance, especially when both partners are busy doing other stuff; like going off to work, studying, looking after the kids, life in general.

And when you’re focused on non-relationship areas, guess what’s likely to get a lack of attention, and eventually, it’s possible to ‘go off the rails.

And often, that spouse will have settled into the ‘normal’ scenario, to the point that they think it’s normal.

Breaking them out could be a challenge.

You’ll likely run into more and more arguments and discord, adding additional stress and strain to the relationship. Frustration will set in.

You’ll want to move into a calmer space, doing what you think is peaceful and in the correct direction.


Is It A Peaceful Relationships Choice?

Love and relationships go hand in hand with frustration and confusion, at times.

Some of the best advice on relationships that I’ve ever heard is to never give up and never be satisfied by ‘just existing’. Fight for what you believe in to be a utopia in love.

At some point in your relationship, you felt deep love and connection. At times, life can throw a number of curveballs, creating little cracks in a stable and healthy relationship.

A person’s path can alter and start heading in a slightly different direction.

Cracks grow larger.

The path becomes even more removed from the spouse.

You’re both settling into something that was not meant to be.

It’s time to wake up and refocus on what it is you both want.

If you resign yourself to never aiming for improvement, you’ll end up with just a roommate; and not a loving spouse.


Start The Rebuild in All Relationships And Start It Now

Like all things in a balanced life, you need to come from a place of total honesty, trust, and commitment.

To your partner!

The real kicker though is to be real for the first goal in rebuilding the relationship.

There’s every likelihood you’ll strike some resistance to change and that’s really just a natural reaction.

Concentrate on your future and be a Team, in all relationships
Concentrate on your future and be a Team


Keep Clear, Calm, and Concise

Clear. Have you given real thought to what you’re committed to in the relationship? What you’re willing to put up with and where you’re willing to go with your partner?

Calm. How are you reacting in a conflict? You’ll find your behavior will directly impact your partners.

Concise. Articulate your true thoughts on what’s real to you. This isn’t an argument – it’s getting your thoughts and feelings out to your partner so both of you know where each other stands.


Once you both understand each other on this level, you have a roadmap and know where the relationship is headed and both can actively engage to get there, in love and connectedness.

And remember this:

Do you want things to simply get worse and wither or are you prepared to take a stand and get on with your love relationship?


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