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Can Men Learn About Dating From Disney?

Although many people claim that Disney concepts and ideals are old and dated – I’m pretty sure there is a thing or two modern men can learn about dating from these films.

After all – when you look at it this way: The average Disney Prince always gets his girl…. However, the same statistic probably can’t be applied to Average Joe (modern man, in all his glory).

So, what tips can the modern-day man take from the Disney Prince?

leanr about dating from the disney prince
Who would have thought you could learn about dating from a cartoon character?

Well, we’re about to fill you in…


Not All Women Need Saving

If there is anything we can learn from the more modern Disney films, it’s that not all women need saving.

Take the recent Princess and the Frog and Tangled movies – and take a closer look at who ends up saving who, it’s usually the women who save the men from themselves.

In a lot of cases, this is what women want.

Show her you’re vulnerable, that you have imperfections, and that you’re human – instead of putting on a façade and some fake bravado.

She’ll be much more attracted to this real human who she can help save and who she grows with than she will the perfect Man-God that you’re trying too hard to be.


You Don’t Need The Looks

As the Beast proved in Beauty and the Beast, you don’t need to be groomed too perfectly to get the girl.

The same goes for everyday general things too (I’m not suggesting you start dressing up as a bear every time you guys have a date) but show her your casual side occasionally and she’ll love it.

Whilst a candlelit dinner is nice – it’s the everyday things that will make her fall in love.

You know that scene in Beauty and the Beast when they have a snowball fight? That’s the perfect example of this!

beauty and the beast snowball fight
You don’t need to be picture-perfect to get the girl

Kept things natural and fun – and she’ll remember it for exactly those reasons.


You Might Not Always Get The Girl

As heartbreaking as it was when The Hunchback of Notre Dame didn’t get the girl at the end of the film, we were all left a bit confused and bewildered.

This is an important part of dating though – sometimes you won’t get the girl and sometimes you just have to move on graciously and accept it.

Did Quasimodo kick up a stink and beat the other guy up?


He stepped aside and let it happen.

Don’t be a douche-bag and stand in the way of love just because it hasn’t swung in your favor. When you do meet the right person she’ll be just as crazy for you as you are, for her.


Don’t Always Go For Your Same-Old Type

In the Little Mermaid, poor old Eric only falls in love once he abandons his usual human type and opts for something a bit different (Ariel the Mermaid).

This applies to your dating life too.

Think about why past relationships aren’t working and address the problem.

Most guys find that the reason things aren’t working is that they keep going after the same type of woman – who just isn’t doing them any good. Throw yourself a bone for a second and opt for someone a little different from your usual type.

You might find yourself pleasantly surprised!


Chivalry Isn’t Dead

It doesn’t matter how many feminists will argue differently – most women would appreciate the odd bit of chivalry and good manners.

Hold open doors for your date; make sure she’s comfortable, make an active effort to impress her by just being nice and polite. It doesn’t need to be material possessions that you shower her with, it could just be a nice gesture or something heart-felt.

Sometimes a simple text can be just as effective as a bunch of roses.


Over To You

Now that we’ve reached the bottom, here’s what you can do next:

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  • Can you think of another cartoon that gives another dating tip?
  • What was your ‘A-ha’ moment after reading this post?
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Ellie is a writer for World Pay. She’s already found her Prince (cheese!) but likes to spread the word of how others can find theirs too!

Ellie – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

3 thoughts on “What Men Can Learn About Dating From Disney’s Princes”
  1. This post reminded me of Jenna Marbles video What Disney Movies Taught me… hers is humorous though
    You’ve actually made some serious comparison points which I hadn’t considered before. Nice!

    1. Don’t you think it’s a kind of Catch-22 situation, Angel, that ladies like chivalry but then demand equality in just about all other areas of life? I’m totally all for equality but this is certainly an area where a lot of guys get totally confused. So what’s your thoughts on ‘what’s in and what’s out’?

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