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The Monger capital of Thailand, Pattaya has a large majority of the working girls in the country.

Pattaya may not be able to compete with Bangkok for sheer numbers, it does have its unique perks.

A smaller beach side city, it has grown to offer all the amenities of a larger city, with less of the problems associated with Bangkok.

An estimated 4.4 million visitors come to Pattaya every year, and nearly all of them want to know the best places to go at night.

Bachelor Friendly Hotels

Walking Street, Pattaya hotels
Walking Street, Pattaya hotels


There are plenty of bachelor-friendly hotels for guys that want to get the most out of their time.

Many people suggest just packing your bags and finding the nearest place to spend the night.

They argue that you can get the best rates by just looking around, but the truth is, you’re going to run into language barriers, taxis will take you to the nearest hotel that they are getting a cut from, and you’ll most likely end up getting scammed. At the very least, you’ll find that you’re wasting a ton of time.

After all, why spend the money to get there and waste time looking for a safe place to rest your head.

You want a no-questions-asked hotel when visiting.

These places don’t care what you do, and they will allow you to take Thai ladies back to your room.

It may be surprising, but many hotels in Thailand don’t allow you to bring extra people into your room.

The Siam Sawasdee Pattaya is a great budget hotel that won’t hamper you on the way in the door. Jomtien Beach House and Spa is another slightly more expensive option that won’t charge you extra.

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, try to get a room at the Jomtien Garden Hotel. They offer a slightly more upscale experience, and still won’t bother you about who you bring back with you.


The Go-Go Bars

thai go go dancer
Thai go-go dancer

The go-go bars in Pattaya are numerous, and you can find one in just about any corner.

The bars are expensive, and you’ll have to buy some girl’s drinks.

Many bars have a policy that if you buy a girl a drink, she has to get up on stage and dance.

If you want to talk to one of the girls, just ask your waitress and tell her you to want to buy a girl a drink.

Some of the Thai girls will allow you to take them home with you, but it can get pretty expensive.

The typical basic fee is around 1500 to 2000 Bhat per girl.

Don’t be cheap and realize these girls have very few options and may even be required to perform these jobs.

A little extra money will likely not hurt you at all, and it can be a world of difference for them.


The Nightclubs

Pattaya at night
Pattaya at night


Pattaya is like a less regulated Bangkok and the nightclubs in Pattaya prove this rule.

The opening times for nightclubs are much later, with many starting as late as 11 p.m. and not closing until the early morning.

If you want a late-night for many of the right reasons you likely won’t remember, this is the city to be in.

The clubs each have their own policies and flavor, and this gives each location a unique feel. Before you go visit the nightclubs, you can hang out at the go-go bars and beer bars.

Some notable nightclubs that you should aim to check out are the Pier Disco Club Pattaya, Noir Nightclub, Yensabai Disco, and Walking Street Club.


Short Time Visits

If you want a shorter romp, you can walk down Sol 6 and pick a girl that you find interesting.

The girls don’t speak much English, but once you pick a girl up they will immediately take you to a short-time hotel.

Beach Road is another option where you can go and pick girls up on the side of the road, and it’s a little less expensive.

The total time for this experience is approximately one hour.

The fee is less than 1000 baht and includes everything.


Soapy Massage Parlours

Always Interest shops to be found


If you’ve never heard of a soapy massage, it is a massage that includes a bath.

The girls clean your entire body and their own as well.

They use their body to lather you up in suds and get you ready for the next step.

After drying you off, they take you to a bedroom where you have sex.

The most famous soapy massage parlor is arguably Sabai Land. This business has sent thousands of customers through its doors and was recently renovated. The Sabai Dee is also a good place for a clean option and beautiful women.

The VIP massage parlor is where the Japanese and Chinese go to blow off some steam, and it’s one of the best soapy massage parlors in Thailand.


Finally Thoughts About Money in Thailand

What Naughty Boys Can Get Up to When Visiting Pattaya 1
The Baht


Thailand is extremely cheap, but the casual tourist has no idea how cheap it actually is.

If you get out of the tourist areas and start walking down residential neighborhoods (not recommended for safety reasons) you’ll begin to realize that the 30 or 40 Bhat you’re paying for a crepe is being sold for 10 to 15 baht in the residential areas.

It doesn’t cost much to live comfortably in Thailand, so don’t get into the trap of quibbling over 100 or 200 baht.

You’ll have a more enjoyable and less stressful time if you go with the flow, and pay people what they are worth.

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Tully is an Australia who wound up in Bangkok, Thailand and makes as many weekend visits as possible to Pattaya. He always makes sure to check out before going, to ensure he has the hot tip on what the best services are for a naughty boys night out.

Tully – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

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