sleeping around might just be a conscious choice

Today’s Immature Man Quote

“An immature male wants to bed a woman very other night whereas a mature male wants to wake up in the morning with the same woman.”

That was a question I was asked by my second wife Pam Allen the other day and wanted to know my opinion, from a male’s point of view.

As it turns out, the quote she was referring to was:

real man or a boy quote

and this was from a lady posting on Facebook.


Boy Or Real Man?

My initial response was to ask what was her understanding of ‘immature’ in relation to ‘males and their relationships’.

She suggested women typically think of guys who wants to bed a different women every night as immature.

OK, now I have some frame of reference.


Is It Immaturity Or Just Choice?

When I thought about it, it’s really a person’s outlook on what forms their own ideal relationship and a relationship at that point in their lives.

Given that women are genetically wired as home makers, no disrespect there either, then their ideal relationship involves security, comfort and stability as those typically form the basis for a family unit.

Men on the other hand are wired completely different.

Sure it could be suggested that their primal urges are around procreation and the wide spread of their ‘seed’.

Men also have different stages in their lives where they see value in forming a family unit.


Female Objective Opinion

So the debate went on.

I believed it had nothing to do with maturity.

It was a lifestyle choice.

Moreover, it was a relationship choice based on circumstances or situation.

What do I mean by that?

Well, women may think a guy is immature if he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with the same woman. That’s a female opinion, based on their perspective as well as ideals (formed over thousands of years of evolution, I might add).

It’s something they think should be the case.

A guy, on the other hand, may well be emotionally mature and simply want a carefree lifestyle. Banging women every other night probably suits him best.

Footnote: Bear in mind here, I love waking up with Pam beside me every morning – that’s my choice.


Evolution Of Relationship

In today’s age, there’s an ever increasing percentage of females who choose the bang them and forget lifestyle.

Perhaps young and busy female executives, scorned girlfriends sowing their own wild oats or just an older woman who may have been through a long term marriage and wishes to avoid them again.

That said, there’s also relationship evolution and choice change.

Things rarely stay the same. Life is like that.

The choices we make today are allowed to change.

A man or woman today may choose to change the current relationship situation and want stability and relationship security, living in a long term partnership. They’re about to embark on the journey of finding the ‘special one’.

Their game and choice is about to change.

It’s nothing about maturity or immaturity.

Embrace relationship evolution as a great situation to be in.

Man (as in the species) has a driving passion to always better themselves.

Relationships and partnerships included.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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