Before you started blossoming, your Dad knew what was coming

There’s actually two flavours of M&Ms at fault.

  1. Men and Mothers
  2. Media and Mindset

I’ve done a lot of research on this lately and it’s a sad reflection of how society has subtlety and innocuously affected a woman’s sexuality. To the point, most women probably don’t even realize they’re not the mature sexual beings that they were meant to be.

And by mature sexual beings, I don’t mean sluts or overtly promiscuous either. We all deserve the enjoyment, pleasure, and joy we were all meant destined for, as human beings.

Let me take you through what I mean and you’ll soon understand.

You might like to rekindle a previous post I did recently on What Is The Male Radar which will be a good preface.

So …..


Men and Sexuality

fathers often pressure daughters

Fathers often pressure daughters, without even knowing it

Whether you’re a father or a woman reading this, take your thoughts back to when you (or your daughter) were a little girl.

Even before she/you started blossoming with radiant hormones and visible breasts, your Dad knew what was coming – as did your Mother.

Remember how that little girl was constantly bombarded with subtle voices to cover herself up?

Neck-fitting tops?

Cute and innocent outfits that emphasized what a ‘Good Girl’ is supposed to look like?

From a very young age, females have had their bodies shackled into submission.

Sugar and Spice and all things nice


We know what’s coming and this is what we want you to be like

Is it any wonder that this brainwashing permeates a grown woman’s actions, how she views her body and, ultimately, her views of her own sexuality and what a healthy body is supposed to be?


Mothers and Sexuality

mothers will also pressure their daughters

Mothers will also pressure their daughters

The continuation of an inhibited woman into motherhood, sees the same re-education occur.

Your own mother has, very likely, lived her life in a repressed body and image restraint.

Her mind is already primed to reign down the same belief when she notices the maturation of her ‘little girl’.

Her mind is racing with the knowledge that her princess might fully understand sexual freedom – that simply must not happen!


Media and Sexuality

media destroys a woman_s self confidence and sexual health

The media is destroying a woman’s self-confidence and sexual health.
Get rid of Photoshop in media, for a start!

I could insert the few words of ‘Nuff Said’ and you’d understand the situation of how today’s Media Companies destroy a woman’s view of her body.

Television, movies, and print media is awash with the perceived view of what a female should look like.


This is also very much greed-based too.

A woman is continually conscious of her looks.

By taking advantage of a sliver of self-doubt and the media have an ever-increasing gravy train of saleable products … sad, but very true.

Unfortunately, you also have the continuation of perpetuating the world of female image and sexual constraint.


Mindset and Sexuality

have your own lightbulb moment and become aware

Are you a woman who’ll have a light bulb moment or stand with the historical rest?

The culmination of the preceding 3 M&Ms leads us into the formation of the 4th.

via Laurel Limpus-Liberation of Women  …  One of the most subtly destructive effects the myth of female chastity has had is to make women lie about the nature of their own sexuality. While the prevailing myths about virility make men feel they must be predatory, the prevailing myths about female sexuality often make even semi-liberated women demand to be treated as prey. … …

There are tremendous residual moral condemnations of female sexuality in all of us, in spite of our radical rhetoric.

A woman, even a relatively sexually liberated one, often finds it hard to approach a man sexually the way a man can approach her. Needless to say, less liberated women will be even more dishonest about their desires.

So tell me, what kind of woman are you (or what category of woman is your partner)?

  • Are you totally (and I mean totally) at ease with your body and sexual outlook?
  • Are you putting on a brave face to give the impression that you’re sexually liberated?
  • Are you wanting to be more liberated but know you’ve got pent-up blocks that prevent you from being the woman you know you want to be?
  • Are you the type who avoids thinking about this stuff and keeps your mind on other things, in your life?


It might be interesting if you both compare notes after you’ve both made a choice too.



What are your thoughts on how society and history have affected both male and female sexual outlooks?
Men, Mothers, Media and Mindset.
Express your thoughts, in the comments below.

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