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My Good Guy Story – Is It The Right One?

It’s a funny thing …. life.

Funny in a cruel way.

And funny in a rewarding way, if you allow yourself to look past and through life’s bullshit to the real reward.

The saying that ‘Good Guys Finish Last’ is very often true, in a business environment.

I should know as I was one of those ladder-climbers who saw an opportunity and took it – despite the repercussions to others.

I was only interested in myself and what I could get for myself.

What a dick, I was.

And the funny thing is, the majority of people that I know right now are exactly the same – greedy arseholes who, in reality, treat you like shit under their shoe.


So Be An Arsehole Then?

I’d probably still be a dick-wad, if my mind hadn’t been awoken to the real truth as to life’s purpose.

It’s not what you get but what you give.

is being a good guy really worth the change
Is being a good guy really worth the change?

Sounds corny but I changed my outlook on life. And as it turns out, my first wife was unable to cope with the change.

It’s understandable that so many years with the same person would cause a breakdown if I was no longer the same guy she married 25 years earlier.

So that was one of the factors that lead to the eventual demise of that marriage – that’s life, isn’t it?


But Wait, There’s More

I chose not being a Corporate Ladder Climber and to become more concerned with others and change – to be as good a man as I could be – consciously, deliberately and with purpose.

That was more than 5 years ago and in a spark of thought while driving to get some red wine the other day, I wondered exactly why my fortunes have yet to be …. how do I say this, moving forward.

I so believe in the Law of Attraction and you get what you think and manifest as well as in Karma.

For the last few years, financially, things have been going backwards and, while I think there’s some lesson/s for me to learn in here somewhere, I buggered if I know what they are and why things are panning out.

  • I maintain a positive outcome.
  • I treat people the way I’d like to be treated
  • I give to others without thought
  • I share without expectation

Yet, life continues to deal me shit.

Maybe I should revert to being an asshole?


I Can’t and I Won’t But …

It’s a challenge sometimes and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.


I simply can not and will not go back to those old ways.

And my intentions focus on the good stuff in life.

  • My wife is so important to me
  • My true friends who give without reservation (and there aren’t many of those)
  • My belief that I’ll eventually learn what it is I’m suppose to
  • The journey that The Universe is intent I travel
  • … and at some point, my mission to eradicate premature death in 3rd World Countries will sometime materialise to me. When I’m given this ability and power is anyone’s guess.


Is It Really Worth It?

Well, in the last few days, I’ve had some doubts in myself and whether being a ‘good guy’ is all what I thought it should be cracked up to be.

In hindsight though, my mind is clear in never being concerned that I’ve damaged others in any sort of backstabbing power-play.

I’m a genuine guy with a clear conscious in all and any dealings with people I come in contact with.

That’s far more than those guys who are like the old me, isn’t it?

If the Finishing Line is anything about being a contribution to the planet’s positive existence, I’m ahead of a lot of people.

So I’m refocusing my ageing mindset back to the positive for continuing the Good Guy journey.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Do you think I’m following the wrong path?
  • For that matter, have I missed something causing me to travel a wrong path?
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And thanks for reading too – Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “Why Good Guys Finish First and Usually Suck As Backstabbers”
  1. Interesting post and I love the comments…I too have experienced a turnaround in my life from being driven to being more holistically focused. I too have watched my financial position go backwards along with many others travelling this path…and I offer this awareness…
    I became conscious of all the “other” linkages and thought /feeling /judgements I had around the business, money, right , wrong, arse holes to use your words. As I unravelled these within myself I became aware of how I was not welcoming and accepting money wealth and abundance in my life…though I was crying out for it.
    Now my money flow follows my focus…almost like a tap turning off and on…It is possible…keep exploring inwards…

    Love all ways Keith

    1. A very welcome comment and visit from you, Keith.
      Sounds like you’ve got a great guest post potential in further explaining to our readers how to gain their ‘welcoming and acceptance of money, wealth and abundance’ :)
      Good wise words of wisdom, my friend.

  2. You two are so cool! I’m so glad I have gotten to know you both :)

    Martin, as I read your words, in my head, I heard Bill Hicks talking about how life is just a ride.

    It’s tough to see people out there do some of the shitty things they do and seemingly get everything they want while so many decent people struggle. I can say I’ve had the metaphoric “punch” that Hermine mentioned a few times – and without ever dishing it back out, I’m over it and forgive everyone.

    I wouldn’t be who I am today without every lousy circumstance I have ever experienced. I see what goes on out there and ask myself which version of reality feels most in alignment with peace. Nothing else matters to me.

    While there may be some people kicking each other off of the phantom corporate ladder – they may be wishing for a partner they truly adore – like what you have.
    And Hermine, how long does it take most people to realize who they aren’t? In order to know who we are – we have to know who we aren’t first. You have it figured out so young and that’s pretty great!

    1. Hey Dana – ain’t the Internet great? :)
      You know, the majority of people in this world never ever think about who they are or aren’t – more who they’re wanting desperately to be. So never true to their real self, if you ask me.

      It usually takes some sort of eye-opening event in life to jolt us into reality. For me, that was my boss telling me that my peers didn’t like me. I said to myself ‘What the fuck is that about cause I don’t like this facade anyway’. So I changed my behaviour, my outlook and my life’s journey. I like who I am and am always open to change, though I still do procrastinate too :)

      Oh yeah, Hermine sounds like a truly great chick and I certainly wish to be seeing more of her and her thoughts on the site, in the future. Same for you too, Dana.

      1. Haha…Dude, your old boss – and the co-workers who didn’t like you did you a favor.
        I wasn’t very popular in school. The kids made fun of me and put me down from the time I was in nursery. I took it with me all the way to high school and beyond. I often had jobs where my co-workers didn’t like me either and to say I made myself sick over these things would be accurate. I was different and didn’t fit in.
        They did me a favor.
        Because I didn’t have an attachment to “popularity”, it sure made it easier to realize that if I am truly myself, who cares as much of people don’t like it? I’M USED TO IT! And I LIKE ME!
        Most people aren’t willing to give up the “security” of the job, lifestyle, status, etc to be who they truly are. Sometimes those things have to be taken away for the person to almost be forced to break free from the bullshit.

        Yes, Hermine is cool. I know her because she’s my book editor. Now I’m proud to say she’s a buddy. As are you!

        1. Get outta town, Brown .. .errr, Dana! You weren’t popular? Seriously? wow, how times must have changed, yeah?

          Yep, in hindsight, my ex-employer did a real big favour and isn’t it funny how you never see the Karma in it all …. @mitchbrown, are you reading this, mate? :)

          I’ll admit though I’ve always had a subtle underlying attachment to being ‘a freind’ to people. It’s a personality trait of my personality profile, I know. I’m giving and I know I have a desire to be wanted and liked by others – that said, if they don’t like me then they can get fucked too :)

          Ain’t it a complicated thing being a human being hahaha

          P.S great having you too as a new ‘net bud – what a cool find, hey?

  3. Wow Martin,

    I gotta hand it to you, this post spoke to me because I’m kind of going through this in some ways at the moment. Not that I’ve been a “bad guy”, I’ve always been true to myself and honest but, because I wonder these same things:

    Why is it that the people who don’t play fair and treat others like crap get all the goodies?

    I’ve noticed this far too much and though I know that there’s plenty of people out there like us who don’t act that way who are beyond successful, I’ve wondered from time to time if being more of a hard-ass is the real secret.

    But, you know – I just can’t do it. It isn’t me, it’s not my nature and acting that way would just be too hard a charade to keep up that I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to be a jerk for too long.

    Thank you for writing such a personal and thought provoking post!

    1. Ahh the passage of time, Hermine, is gonna catch up with these arseholes and Mrs Karma is going to bare her teeth in a big way, if you ask me.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees these wrongs going on with people too. That said, I know a number of bad acting people from my past who are now seeing the rotten fruit from their crap labours … karma is raising it’s head as I expected so a calm peace comes over me. One of the reasons I was prompted to write this piece too.

      How do you feel about Karma yourself?

      1. Hi Martin,

        I believe that what we do does come back to us. It may not come back in the literal sense of “I punched you, so now someone is going to punch me later on” but, rest assured that the things we do now eventually play out in some way, for better or worse, in the future.

        What about you, what do you think Martin?

        1. Oh for sure, Hermine. Personally, I think it is more about ‘Do Bad and Get Bad in Return’ as opposed to exactly the same action caused is reflected.
          I’d like to think the same for giving and getting the good stuff too.

        2. I’m not so sure on this whole Karma thing. My experience so far has been to see total pricks win the day, over and over but I don’t see them getting any Karma. Only bloody winning!
          Have you got a real example of Karma in your life, Hermine? Maybe I just don’t see them happening maybe.

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