men are from mars and women are from venus

Why is my wife always pissed at me?

That’s one of the most searched for terms on the site over the last 6 months so it certainly is a very reasonable topic to begin covering.

I hope for some interesting feedback from readers too.

At a base level, that quote is the answer to the entire question.

If she’s pissed at you, you’ve fucked up somewhere.

It’s also likely you’ll have no idea why, as well. You’re not alone so take heart in knowing that.

The journey of men and women in relationships is a bumpy road at the best of times.

Everyone thinks differently to everyone else and that’s further broadened by the hormonal and historical differences in genders.


So Why Bother?

If your life’s goal is to live alone with no companionship, you don’t need to bother and you can stop reading and move to another brilliant GeekAndJock post :)

If you seek happiness, start giving a damn about your partner, OK?

If you do indeed seek happiness and comfort with a lifelong partner who can share your every secret, torment and desire and provide mutual fulfillment, then you need to start giving a damn.

And work at understanding that other person.

It’s going to a difference to your understanding and sanity.

And pay off for both of you.

Judging or Understanding? You decide
Judging or Understanding?
You decide


Giving A Damn Really Makes A Difference

Take honest interest in your partner.

What they do, what they want to do and why.
That’s the first step to understanding.

It’s also the point when they’re seeing you wanting to know them for who they are.

Men can understand Venus, Women can understand Mars

They’re distant planets.

If you think you’re going to completely understand your partner, think again. What can happen is your understanding for each strengthens and grows.

Over time, you’ll be at home with their nuances and idiosyncrasies.

You gotta love them and YOU WILL!

A lot of them probably used to piss you off.

Now you’ll love them as they make up the person you love dear to your heart.


So Why Is Your Wife Pissed?

Other than taking genuine interest in your partner, here’s some other areas:

  • Lack of empathy as opposed to wanting to just fix things.
    • Check out a recent article explaining this called ‘The Difference Between Empathy and Sympathy’
  • Lack of acceptance.
    • We’re all guilty of wanting to change another person instead of growing with them.
    • Check yourself on this one – women aren’t the only ones who want their partners to change into something they think they should be.
  • Not listening and I mean not listening.
    • There’s a huge difference between really listening to your partner (and absorbing what they’re saying) and waiting for the first opportunity to inject your own opinions and voice.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

  • What’s one area you think most men could improve, to balance a relationship?
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And thanks for reading too – Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Why Is My Wife Always Pissed At Me? 1

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3 thoughts on “Why Is My Wife Always Pissed At Me?”
  1. I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF PEOPLE LIKE THIS ALWAYS RATIONALIZING THE BEHAVIORS OF THESE SOCIOPATHS! SO FUCKING SICK OF IT! The fucking feminist movement and their fucking monkeys!!! To the feminist movement, there is a MOVEMENT coming for you! ALL you gender traders!!!

    How about this Dr. these fucking BANSHEES are always pissed of because they are BITCHES! They GET OFF on it! How about that? Huh??? you like that explanation? What ever happened to fucking mean! Just mean nasty miserable fat slob banshees!


    1. Shut the fuck up. Men are far more often the ones who are to blame for marital and even societal problems. Get over yourself and swallow your fragile little ego, you idiot. The feminist movement simply wants equal rights for both genders, and to hold little shits like you responsible for the crap you spout. This author is only trying to help people who love their partners with resolvable issues. Get off this site, and away from any woman, if you cannot handle the fact that women are not always the problem in a relationship.

  2. I see a lot of my girlfriends actually laugh at how they pretend to be upset and pissed off at their men simply so they can use that confusion as a bargaining point to get what they want. The sad thing is that most guys just want to please their ladies and cave in to their demands.

    Makes me so angry that some women resort to this crapy underhanded methods with their loving guys. So I'd caution that there are situations that it's got nothing at all to do with something the guy has done. Just beware that there are women like this lurking and pretending.

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