You Might Think You’re a Good Person But …

Don’t take this the wrong way but the chances of you being a self-possessed asshole are probably reasonably high.

The majority of people in first-world countries are subtly brainwashed by friends, family, and society to act this way.

You crave wealth beyond measure, don’t you?

law of atrraction will keep you from your goals

Law of Attraction will keep you from your goals, despite you wanting them

I bet you’ve daydreamed riding along in a sports car or lolling around the ocean on your own private yacht or something similar, haven’t you?

Most of you will never ever get there for 2 very common reasons.


You’re Totally Fixated On That Materialistic Objective You Desire

Read that subheading again.

Now think of your own past behavior.

Your thoughts concentrate on getting the Maserati, at all cost.

The priority here is on the personal gain as opposed to the positive areas in life and business where getting the Maserati is the by-product of your actions.

Let me explain a little further:

Whether you realize it or not, there are bigger forces in our lives, acting and reacting to our actions.

Some call this force:

  • God
  • Allah
  • Universal Spirit

Whatever your beliefs, the end result is your actions and vibrational attitude in life dictates what you attract in life.


Vibrations, Whatcha Talking About, Willis?

Ever noticed if the first thing that happens to you in the morning can literally foretell how the rest of your day pans out?

Stub your toe getting out of bed, you get cranky, negative thoughts are in your mind from the get-go and your day will typically be crap.

In my terms, that’s the Law of Attraction.

  • Your thoughts are energy.
  • Energy attracts energy that is similar
  • You attract what you think – it’s subtle I know but the quantum physics evidence abounds.


As for your Maserati – you’re thinking about all the ways you can keep all your money to yourself so you can buy it.

You’re fixated on accumulating and not giving. And that’s what the Universe is going to give you more of – it’ll make sure others will accumulate themselves and keep their money away from you.

“Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning…What are you planning?”
— Abraham


Welcome to a lack of wealth!


Karma Will Always Bite You On The Ass

As a follow on, Karma also comes into play.

karma acts on law of attraction - really both the same force

Karma acts on the law of attraction – really both the same force

I don’t know whether you yourself believe in Karma but I can tell you now that I’ve experienced it many times throughout my life.

When you’re fixated on all the wrong things, you’ll unknowingly treat people around you like shit.

An unfortunate fact of life is the majority of people who want the Maserati isn’t even aware of their failings. They probably even think they’re God’s Gift to whatever profession they practice in.

And it couldn’t be more further from the truth. Unknowingly, Maserati worshipers are self-centered. People around them are mud under their boots and know it.

Their thoughts towards you are like lightning bolts.

They are also setting the Universal wheels in motion – against you!

You Get What You Reap

Eventually, all your shitty treatment of fellow human beings will catch up and keep the wealth and success you desire from your grasp.

I’ve written before why understanding relationships are fundamental to both personal life AND professional wealth and success. On a moral level, everyone on the planet should feel worthy of their efforts and place on the Earth.

Karma is ready to boot you into reality, with whatever you’re radiating with your thoughts and actions, towards yourself and to others.

The choice is entirely yours.

Choose your path and do it wisely and with conviction.


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