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Get a Hobby and Get a Life Too

Long ago, when I was still swimming laps in the dating pool, I came across a disturbing trend in the people I met: very few of them, if any, had at least one hobby.

When I would ask them how they spent their free time, they either said, “I don’t know,” or “Netflix.”

Those kinds of responses definitely turned me off from pursuing second dates.

I just wasn’t sure what we would have to talk about.

(In case you were wondering, I eventually ended up with a guy whose main interests include playing with synthesizers, listening to Alice Coltrane, and reading about the end of the world. He’s kind of a dreamboat.)

It seems basic, but it needs to be said: having interests makes you interesting!

Whether you’re into painting Warhammer figurines or fantasy football, having something to talk about is an asset when you’re trying to make yourself look appealing to other people.

On top of that, hobbies usually take you out of your apartment to places where you can meet new people with shared interests.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t had very good luck with potential romantic partners or friends, perhaps it’s worth examining just how you spend your time.

Odds are, if you have time to watch cat videos on YouTube, you have time for a hobby. The good thing about picking up a casual hobby is that most of them are really easy to start from scratch.


Here are a few possibilities that might work for you, if you’re looking for something really unique to pursue.


Ah, the ancient art of the Appalachian patriarch.

whittling your way to a lifestyle
Hobbies create interest so you’re not totally dependent on your partner

This craft is nearly as old as the human race is: when homo erects first applied a sharp object to a piece of wood or bone, whittling was born.

No one really whittles anymore, so the craft has the added bonus of making you look really unique. Over time, you’ll be able to make gorgeous pieces of handmade art that’ll impress anyone.

All you need is a piece of scrap wood and a trusty pocketknife.


Mead Making

Famously associated with the lavish banquets of medieval Europe, mead is wine made from honey.

Brewing your own mead will make you the star of all your next Game of Thrones viewing parties!

(Bring along a horn mug for a truly authentic experience.)

You’ll need a lot of good honey (about 6 lbs. at a time) and some basic fermentation equipment, but the result will be something your friends will rave over.

And what’s more romantic than pouring your date a glass of something you brewed yourself?



Yes, I’m serious.

Knitting is finally back in style, and there’s a lot more to it than scarves and itchy sweaters!

You can make mittens, stuffed toys, beer cozies, and more awesome gifts with just a pair of needles and some yarn.

Yarnbombing is also an eye-catching way to make a statement: you can make colorful woolen wrappings to cover statues, tree trunks, and lamp posts to brighten up your surroundings.

yarnbombing is funny
That’s so funny – what a cool relationship project it would make too, huh?

And guys, don’t be so fast to dismiss knitting as an exclusively female hobby: it’s one of the fastest-growing hobbies among men.

Plus, Sylvester Stallone’s character in Demolition Man is an avid knitter!



Practitioners, known as “tracers,” tend to call parkour the “art of displacement.”

It requires cunning, speed, strength, and dexterity, all in the name of getting from Point A to Point B.

While you probably won’t be able to start jumping along the rooftops of tall buildings, your basic moves can still look impressive with practice. After all, it’s a rare person these days who can actually take a running leap over a picket fence. Put simply, parkour is a kind of barebones martial art that is really compatible with urban settings.

You’ll see a lot of these techniques in recent action movies, such as Casino Royale and The Bourne Ultimatum.

This list is good for a start, so try some of them out and see what you like!

The best part about hobbies is being able to share them with others, which isn’t quite something you can do if your main hobby is commenting on blog posts.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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  • Have you been able to meet cool people because of your hobbies?
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Soleil Ho is a writer and wearer of many hats, including: chef, student, D&D player, teacher, and copywriter. She is also an avid collector of pocketknives.

Soleil – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

3 thoughts on “You Really Need a Hobby”
  1. This is probably the best advice you could give anyone looking for that special someone. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that before you even go looking for him or her, you should begin by doing something for yourself first. Finding someone to be romantically involved with should happen on the way to self improvement. That way you won’t be confused, thinking that the relationship would be the improvement itself. Awesome examples too, by the way.

    1. Too true and I agree with Soleil too.
      Getting and being comfortable with hobbies simply allows for expnding your own skills as well as the opportunity in meeting others with the same interests. I guess it’s just another way to meet that special someone as well as improving oneself along the way.
      No-one should think they have to bypass their own identity to have romance. That’s not the way the world should be, do you agree?

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