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  1. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice by posting the changes to our Web site
  2. To register on this site, you must be 16 years or older
  3. The disclaimer, privacy policy, forum code of conduct, and subscription guidelines form part of these terms and conditions
  4. ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration reserves the right to suspend or cancel a member’s access to any or all services provided by this website without notification
  5. You have read our copyright notice and terms and conditions (this document) and you agree to them


This site is dedicated to fostering community values. If you choose to register you agree to act:

  • responsibly;
  • with tolerance;
  • and respectfully

If ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration deems that you have not acted in accordance with these terms, your account may be suspended. ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration reserve the right to determine if material breaches these conditions.


  1. By registering, you consent to ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration collecting personal information about you for the purposes of carrying out or improving our services – please do refer and agree to our Privacy Policy prior to registering or subscribing to our newsletter.
  2. When you register, you agree to provide a valid e-mail address in your ‘The Geek and Jock’ profile. ‘The Geek and Jock’ staff must be able to contact you by e-mail if necessary to discuss your account.
    • If the e-mail address in your profile is not valid, your account may be suspended; should this happen to you, please e-mail us for assistance.
    • ‘The Geek and Jock’ staff members will always keep your e-mail address confidential.
  3. By participating in forums you agree to abide by the Forum Code of Conduct rules.

Using the website

By using this website you agree:

  1. not copy or in any way duplicate content on this site without the express permission of the author
  2. that ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration is not responsible for determining content uploaded to the website
  3. that ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration is not responsible for the content of any posted material
  4. to indemnify ‘The Geek and Jock’ against any loss you suffer as a result of reliance on information:
    • posted to, uploaded to this website;
    • contained in third-party sites linked to from this site;

Publishing content

  1. You agree not to post or upload content to this site which:
    • is obscene, defamatory, or objectionable
    • is deemed illegal – this includes copyrighted works, commercial audio, video, or music files, adult material, and any material inviolation of any national or local regulation
    • infringes copyright, moral rights, and/or infringes any intellectual property right of a third-party;
    • is confidential information, or infringes privacy laws;
    • is offensive or inappropriate for a community audience. ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration reserve the right to determine if material is offensive or inappropriate;
    • is wilfully destructive. You agree not to upload, post or link to any other code, tags, scripts, audio, animations, file or program, e-mail or otherwise transmit any harmful component to ‘The Geek and Jock’, or deface any portion of the site
    • is a duplication of any content from another website, in whole or in part
  2. By posting or uploading content to the site you:
    • Agree to indemnify ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration for any loss arising from posting that material, including, but not limited to losses arising from copyright infringement, moral rights infringement, or any defamation prosecution
    • Agree to restrict all posts which are unsuitable for children to designated forums, and provide a content advisory
    • Authorise ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration to reproduce, use, adapt, manipulate and remove the uploaded files, content or works without permission
    • Endeavour to ensure that all information is correct and not misleading
  3. Marketing of your products, services or associated value attached to you or any person or organisation associated to you:
    • If you post a link to your site, products or services, or in other posted or uploaded content, you agree to indemnify ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration against any loss suffered as a result of defamatory actions on linked sites
    • It is expected all content posted or uploaded to this site adds a value and/or benefit to our readers, around the ethos and spirit of Geek and Jock
    • It is expected all content posted or uploaded to remain free of the marketing of your products, services and any associated value to you or any person or organisation associated to you in 90% of any published content.
  4. ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration reserve the unilateral right to remove posted or uploaded content upon complaint, or suspicion of infringing these conditions.


  1. Subscription and advertising services are restricted to businesses and organisations within those owned and operated by ‘The Geek and Jock’ registered members.
  2. ‘The Geek and Jock’ Administration reserves the right to determine if you do not fit the subscription guidelines, and no correspondence will be entered into.

If you have any questions/comments regarding these Terms & Conditions, please contact us


This document was last updated on February 17, 2014.

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