want to date a ukraine woman?

Dating A Ukrainian Girl?

seeking a ukraine bride

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Yeah, ok, saying that all girls are alike is pretty dumb.

People are different in countless ways, but there are shared traits as well as similarities.

Especially among representatives of a particular culture.

Now, if you don’t want to ruin a nice date unconsciously – this article is just what the doctor ordered.

Yes, we all are adults, we are well educated and we know a thing or two about other cultures.

But there are insane oceans of knowledge beyond that.

  • It’s not enough not to have a mindless blunder about Mohamed around Muslim ladies.
  • It’s not enough to reject a Texas Stake House for a date with an Indian girl.

You must go deeper.

Especially when things get down to something as ferociously furious as the Slavic temper.

But let’s cut straight to the chase, shall we? We all know that Ukrainian women dating is an art, not a science!


Assimilated or Not?

You will have more chances to avoid hidden bombs on a midfield while dating an assimilated Ukrainian woman.

We are talking about second or third generations of immigrants.

They don’t have much of a post-soviet mentality, their insanely patriotic motives have worn off and the only thing you should really pay attention to is a huge passion for family values.

But if you have met a girl who is visiting your country for the first time or you are dating online on Kovla – keep on reading.



All Ukrainians are insanely patriotic.

They are proud of their culture, language, songs, and literature.

If you have a somewhat negative attitude to such Slavic features or you are a solid Republican –book a date with someone else.

You won’t stand long speeches about how Ukraine is this world’s best country.

But, if you are already in over your head – either avoid or support this cutie little trait.

Don’t worry though, this mindset is lost rather quickly.

A girl will compare the way she used to live and the way you live right now.

And that, my friends, is what gets immigrants on your side after a while.


Post-Soviet Mentality

Living in a rather poor country leaves some marks.

There are movies and shows from America widely available across the globe, so everyone has an idea about how things work in America or Europe.

But that’s nothing compared to reality.

Ukrainian ladies can and will get lost in your country, in your way of things.

Be a guide to them.


Family Values

All Slavs value family, children, and parents.

She may spend countless hours chattering about how awesome her dad is or how she wants kids.

Don’t be frightened or intimidated.

They are simply fairly open about their desires.

If such a girl is talking about marriage on the first date – she doesn’t mean you.

Don’t sweat it.

What’s Your Opinion?

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  • What’s been your experience?
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