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Inspirational and Cool People That I Know

We all have challenges in life and I mean everyone. One thing that has helped me learn, grow and help others is mentoring and associating with inspirational people.

I’d like to share some of these interesting people (and their stories) with you.

Know Any Others Yourself?

And if you are or know of someone who would make a great contribution, please do let me know some details via the Contact Form. Further details on why someone should contribute and help others are here.

Interview from Phil and Maude Mayes

Let's change the world one relationship at a time - a timely and timeless message in our Interview with Phil & Maude Mayes. Couples communication is key

Interview with Jill Chivers

A magical interview with online entreprenuer Jill Chivers. Read her experiences leading to her many online successes, starting with Shop Your Wardrobe.

Interview with Sylvia D. Lucas

Any writing she posts to her website, and most of what she writes for money, is an effort to offer guidance when she can confidently give it, and an attempt to generate understanding, eliminate stereotypes, and discourage blind judgment....

Interview With Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards, is in the movie ‘Dreamcatchers’ and various television projects and was applauded by President Bill Clinton for his charitable work in India

Interview With Leon Aarts

Extraordinary Ones was launched in Holland by Leon Aarts and the vision is that for every meal sold a child gets fed. Imagine we all do that and what that means for hunger in the world.

Interview With Paul Dunn

In 2000 Paul Dunn ‘retired’ and sold all his business interests only to discover the transformational power of giving in 2006 by funding an orphanage for Tsunami-affected children in India. That led to his co-discovery of B1G1 in 2007.

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