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success and empowerment to spread your messageOne of the things that helps, supports and inspires is being able to read the stories of other men. Stories of success, failure, challenges, desires, hopes, dreams, relationships, awkward situations and their own inspiration.

To that end, we’ve started asking a few cool people to be gracious enough to provide The Geek and Jock with an easy email questionnaire / interview. You’d be amazed just who is on that list. We’re simply not stopping there – we know some of our own readers have those ‘gold nuggets’ to share too.

You can certainly click around the growing number of interviews HERE to get a feel of the layout of the ones we’ve done so far.

And the Added Benefits:

And the giving of an interview has a number of additional benefits for the interviewee as well. Social Media and Search Engines provide the giveback in return traffic through the backlinks our site provides. It’s all about giving and receiving as part of the giving. There’s an enormous groundswell in the Social Media area who are supporting this site –

Are you interested in doing an interview for us? We’d be only too happy – please do click on the Contact Us link, including your details, and we’ll be in touch faster than a speeding bullet (OK, maybe a little slower but pretty fast all the same).

Try these on for size

To start with, have a think about these questions, as a basis for your story. We can better tailor these questions too – to ensure you’re able to tell your story as best you can.

  • Tell us a bit of your earlier years
  • Please share any rude awakenings or revelations around your midpoint of life?
  • What did you change in your life around this ‘midpoint of life’
  • Any lessons learnt during this time?
  • What sort of repeating challenges do other people seem to make that you’d love to talk to them about?
  • How is your personal life different now than to what it was on your 20s?
  • What are you most active in now
  • Which part/s of your life is different now than when in your 20’s (could be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional professional)
  • How is your business and/or professional life different now than to what it was on your 20s?
    • – do u have different values?
    • – if so, tell us about the differences
  • What are 2-3 life experiences you would love to share today
  • Why should people keep coming to the Geek and Jock site?

They provide others with motivation and inspiration to strive for higher success. And you’re a part of that transformation. That’s so very powerful in so many ways.

So now it’s your turn to take action.

Give us a holler and get one published on our site.



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