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Is there a way to maintain the youthful ‘glow’ even when you are in your 50’s?

A lot of women, especially those in their early forties are asking this very question.

women over 40 and active life
Over 40 or 50 and wondering about your beauty and lifestyle?

Seriously, is there a way to look young and glowing even when one is nearing the golden age?

The answer is yes!

Below are 3 tips to help every woman, especially those who are in their forties, maintain the youthful glow that makes every woman attractive.


Tip #1 – It’s All About Positive Attitude

Do you know that the best defense against becoming ugly is keeping a positive attitude?

This is true!

Numerous studies on longevity and quality of life suggest that people with positive mental attitude are happier and healthier.

They may not have much in life temporally or economically but they have contentment and peace of mind which allows them to enjoy even the simple things in life.

So if you want to look good and happy, begin to cultivate a positive attitude.

It may take some time but it’s definitely worth doing.

To begin, here are some tips:

  • Begin by trying to smile every day.
  • Smile when you wake up in the morning, smile to those who are around you.
  • Count your blessings and name them one by one.

A grateful heart does so much in cultivating peace of mind.


Tip #2 – Be Wise with Your Diet

Your looks also have a lot to do with what you take inside your body.

changing your over 50s diet
Change your plan and plan for the change

This means your food intake.

As a famous saying goes, you are what you eat.

For a healthier and more beautiful you, begin your love story with fruits and vegetables – that is if you still do not have one with them. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best foods if you want a healthy glow on your skin and eyes.

Then begin to make an effort to drink plenty of water.  8 glasses of water a day is highly recommended but adding a few glasses more and avoiding sweet and artificial drinks can also go a long way.

Then stay away from fatty foods – they are bad for your heart and bad for your skin too!


Tip #3 – Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Dread not the word ‘exercise’!


Because there are many fun ways to exercise or burn calories.

Do you know that trying on clothes while shopping is a simple form of exercise?

Yes it is!

You can actually burn between 150 to 200 calories every time you try on clothes on a 30-minute window shopping spree. Doing regular house cleaning can also be a form of exercise.

For example, moving around your furniture can help you burn calories equivalent to a 30-minute workout in the gym.

The bottom line here is simple: exercise does not only mean hitting the gym or running or jogging. Any form of physical activity is an exercise already.

The key is to do it regularly.

Three (3) easy and simple tips to keep you glowing!

Follow these three and you will not only look good, you will also feel good!


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3 Tips to Keep the Glow Even When You Are In Your 50's 1

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7 thoughts on “3 Tips to Keep the Glow Even When You Are In Your 50’s”
  1. Great post. I would add “Speak your truth.” Holding things in drains you for sure. Not to mention wreaking havoc on your insides. I’m not 50 yet but I will say, those tips are spot on…and I think indulging in chocolate helps tremendously as well :)

    1. Welcome and thanks for the new addition to the conversation, Dianne.
      ‘Speak your truth’ is certainly another area that eats away at our insides, as you rightly point out. And with the more of them that are hidden away, the longer the damage goes on for – not really something we want as we age and want to keep of youthful looks, is it?

  2. I get to work with over 50s and I can safely state here that if they have whining friends who always make a big deal of every little problem, they encounter pretty soon they’ll wear the same whining shoes!!! You need to love yourself. Even when you’re working at glowing and the results aren’t as expected, you should take refuge in the fact that at least there was progress from where you were before!

  3. Over 50’s can look and feel good always. Eat right. This is when eating lots of veggies and fruits will help. Always connect with contemporaries and try as much as possible to avoid negative people!

    1. Welcome to our site, Olumide and thank you for being a part of the conversation.
      As an over-50 person myself, I think we can certainly look and feel great :) Why would I think otherwise hehe
      An interesting side comment you make on avoid negative people too – glad you brought it up as a part of the holistic approach to health.
      What’s been your experiences in how negative people and their influences can affect a person’s ‘glow’?

  4. Ahh, I’ll save these tips for the time I turn 50:) Being regular on exercise and careful with the diet is important for all ages. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A very apt share!! I agree with the tips provided in the post to stay youthful at 50. My mom is aging now, the other day she was worrying about the wrinkles and the other things. Aging is indeed equivalent to getting robbed of the youthfulness and glow on skin. But, this is also true that with positivity in mind and a tab on what one eats, one can age with grace and can even make youngsters envy. I will make my mother read this post. Thanks for the share.

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