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You’re All Racists And Here’s Why …

Let me be frank and upfront here.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a racist and/or a bigot and don’t even realise it.

I’m forever seeing news reports and Facebook threads on the differences between men and women and what their ‘rights’ are.

Equally, since my wife Pam Allen is from South Africa and I love the country, I take an interest in all things South African.

What I find disturbing is the continual arguments on the rights of people based on their skin colour and what atrocities were bestowed on each other, across various timeframes in the country.

The one thing I’m avoiding here is judging what was and wasn’t done to whoever, in the past.


Why You’re a Racist?

white woman black man
If only real life was as harmonious

It’s simply because the world is forever changing and it always will.

That’s the nature of human beings. We move from one place to another, inhabit and nurture land and create a home for ourselves and our families.

The first part of that last sentence is the clue – humans are forever migrating to other places and that’s a fact since the dawn of time.

A sad by-product of migrating are the clashes with the previous inhabitants of the land being moved into. Obviously we humans violently resist sharing – sad and true.

You’re a racist as you still take sides on the differences between people!

You’ll pick a side based on gender or skin colour or religion. Some even on hair colour or height, for goodness sake.


Evolve Instead of Being a Primate

OK, it isn’t right to inflict pain and suffering on anyone else.

I live in Australia and the English were downright cut-throat with the Australian indigenous population, a few hundred years ago.

I feel sad it happened.

I also feel no responsibility for those past wrongs simply because I live here and have a lineage traced in the distant past to English or Irish, and not indigenous.

The World and it’s people need to grow up and evolve and stop using differences to promote conflict.


The Cure is Mindset

As a male, I recognise there are obviously delicious difference between the genders.

I’m not a monk, doncha know.

It’s the way you look at the differences though. I have a mindset (most times since I do slip back into the Dark Ages), a mindset of being human.


Human beings is where it’s at, man.


Listen, Check Your Shit At the Door, OK?

losing our humanity
Live in the past or work together as human beings, for the future?
You need to CHOOSE

Do you think it’s healthy to simply live in the past or build on the present, for a better future?

I’m banking on the present/future option, personally.

It’s easy to say but we need to forgive (you can still remember) and act as a group of human beings, despite the gender bias or the colour of your skin.

For me, I look at my Australian Indigenous brothers and sisters as much an Australian as I am.

Land Rights?

How about we help our fellow Australians be accepted Australians. I’m going to get a reaming for this next one but if they persist in living in the past, they’re doomed for history to repeat itself.

Sure, anyone who wants to should retain, remember and practise heritage, if that’s what you want to do. Thing is, you also need to recognise the need to evolve with the rest of humanity.

Cave People didn’t remain cave-people, did they?

They migrated to better lands, probably using force on the previous occupants and evolved.

Why have we stopped evolving?


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of this rather controversial article. So here’s what you can do next, if you’ve got the guts too :)

  • What’s your thoughts on mine about living as humans or battling out on the past issues?
  • What’s one thing you think we could all do to improve humanity and move forward?
  • Click one of the Share buttons – your friends can then read this article too.

And thanks for reading too – Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Black, White, Male, Female – You’re All Racists Until… 1

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5 thoughts on “Black, White, Male, Female – You’re All Racists Until…”
  1. You say “evolve, instead of being a primate?” You couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our fellow primates DO NOT exhibit racism, nor do they migrate and take over territories. Though some do make war on each other over mates, food and dominance, (depending on which primate were talking about here) – but for the most part, most other primates, like gorillas, actually except others outside their kin, even other species, into their families. So instead of saying “instead od a primate” I think I’ll be MORE like a primate – thank you.

  2. Thanks for the enlightening article! I enjoyed reading it and I am happy you took the time to express it! I agree and disagree, mostly agree though (Laugh out loud). I agree that change is a good thing whether we change for the good or for the bad it’s always a good thing. We might change for the worse and then see within ourselves what we do not want to be anymore than change again for the good, but if we never changed for the worse then maybe we would have never got that experience that made us change into a better person, if that makes sense. Some people change for the worse and stay evil, but by their actions others can also see who and what they don’t want to be. I don’t like when people boast in being the same person they were or have always been. That’s just plain stupidity. Life is about making changes. The weather changes, nature changes, plants blossom and bud, captapillars morph into butterflys, etc. Change is enevitable really, but anyways being a race-ist has to do any only to do with race or color of our skin and nothing more. Gender can’t be classified with race. Nationalitiy also can’t be classified with race because they are different.

    1. Hey thanks for your thoughts, William.

      I’m unsure which parts you disagreed with and would love to know more of your opinions in that area.

      And agree too, without change, we stagnate and aren’t doing anyone any good, least of all ourselves. But there’s many people who get stuck in a rut and are unable to see themselves in that rut. Or they’re resistant to change due to some mental block.

      All in all, the true nature of humanity (in my opinion) is to be good people who evolve to make life better. But not everyone :)

  3. Undeniably an illuminating share . I completely agree that the world is losing its understanding of being human .Despite all scientific advancements that we boost of we have stopped evolving which is the basic need of nature to stay alive . Hence we need to hold back and think how badly have we failed to meet the expectations of our creator .

    1. So glad for your visit and comment, Purnima.
      And you got my point of view instantly too, I see.
      We’ve got our heads in the sand, thinking we’re an evolved species when in fact we’re probably going backwards when it comes to our race’s true intention – to better than what we are now.

      What’s your thoughts on what needs to happen next?

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