The Real Truth Might Shock You!

A common misconception when it comes to men in relationships is that they’re never serious and that they’ll jump ship at the drop of a hat.

This is not true at all as such assumptions are born from women’s lack of understanding about what men want in a relationship.

The commitment may be something that most people think is what scares men away, but it’s not due to pure aversion from it but what it entails, along with the woman’s expectations.

what men really want

What men REALLY want. Believe and achieve.

If you wish to understand more about what most men want out of a relationship, then here are some of the major things to remember.

They’re not that hard to understand at all once you do get it as they are simple concepts that are just common amongst men who wish to find their other halves.



No matter what gender you are, honesty is a sought-after quality.

As a woman desires a man who speaks and acts upon only truth, the same can be said with what men want. There is no need to dance around a man’s questions as he would most likely want it straight and true, like an arrow shot towards a bull’s eye.

A man doesn’t usually respond to hints very well, so if you want something from him, then ask him for it openly and without hesitation. Trying to drop hints and hoping that he picks up on them can just lead to disaster.

A real man responds best to straightforward communication, without anger or negative connotations.



independence in a woman is actually wonderful

Independence isn’t a world-destroying issue. Men actually love it, in a woman

If there’s one thing that turns a lot of men off is an overly needy woman.

While it may feel nice to be needed, having it to the extreme only serves to be both annoying and tiring.

A confident and self-sufficient woman is attractive, albeit a bit intimidating to some.

But those who do dare to court such women are rewarded with care, understanding, and capability.

Such women exude not arrogance, but genuine confidence in themselves and how they carry each situation with a calm demeanor, which is very attractive to men.


Not Manipulative

Perhaps there are some women out there who think that they can sway a man’s judgment through subterfuge, and perhaps it has worked a few times before.

However, once he picks up on it, then he’ll most likely drop you like a bad habit almost immediately.

As mentioned above, honesty is something that men appreciate, and a manipulative woman is anything but.


Sexual Connection

satisfying sex is … satisying

satisfying sex is, well, satisfying for EVERYONE!

This is a topic worth discussing.

As much as women want this, men obviously share the same affinity for satisfying sex.

This can only be achieved through proper communication and openness to each other so that you know each other’s desires and act upon giving to match the taking.

Pleasure in lovemaking can only be realized when there is love, passion, and enthusiasm for each other. Remember that as much as you want it, so does he.


Sense of Humor

It’s not just about being funny, but also being able to take a joke and laugh in even the direr of circumstances.

This relieves tension and makes sure that both of you enjoy your relationship with laughter and an uplifting spirit.

A woman who can be spontaneous when spending time with her man is a good thing indeed as not only will you enjoy each other’s company, but you’ll want to spend more time together and the relationship won’t get boring fast.


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