You Can Leave Home Without Them

Having a ‘friend for benefits’ is very appealing to a lot of men and women.

Fuck buddy relationships have the potential to go very wrong and often aren’t all that successful.

When people are involved, you are dealing with real emotions and expectations.

Some might say that a true ‘no strings sex relationship’ is impossible.

fuck buddy friends with benefits

And for some, that’s all they want … hence the term

If you’re looking for a fuck buddy what you’re really looking for at its very core is a mutually beneficial relationship at its simplest level.

Men are very different to women and can perhaps distance themselves from the relationship easier than women. You should enter this type of relationship knowing that potentially it could become very complicated.

Luckily there are a few simple rules you can follow to try and make sure your ‘friend with sexual benefits‘ relationship stays on track.


Open Up

You must talk openly from the outset about what you want from the relationship.

Ground rules are essential but they’re also worthless if you don’t stick to them.

It could be tempting to suggest you like the person in an emotional way in order to get what you want but you should avoid that at all costs.


Buddy Respect

You’ll need to treat your fuck buddy with respect.

If you’re not feeling it one day then don’t just ignore their texts or calls. Just politely reply saying ‘no thanks’ in order to keep the relationship healthy.

They might just be your friendly sexual playmate but you should still treat them how you would want to be treated yourself.


Be Specific

Crystal clear communication is essential.

You need to be really specific and make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to issues that could cause problems.

So are you going to be allowed to have other sex-only friends and how regularly are you looking to meet?


Come Clean (Pun Intended)

Come clean if you’re starting to have feelings for your fuck buddy.

It can be tempting just to carry on if emotions are involved and you’re starting to really like them but it will only end in tears.

The other person may feel completely differently to you so you need to be upfront.


Trust The Gut

Trust your instinct.

If the relationship doesn’t feel right or has changed then it may be time to get out.

Your partner may not tell you if their feelings have changed so use your judgement and if you feel it’s getting out of hand then move on.


Timing is Everything

‘Booty Call’s’ are not cool.

It’s not realistic to expect your partner to drop everything when you are in the mood.

You need to respect that they have their own life and not get frustrated or angry if they can’t accommodate your every need.


Be a nice person and be as amicable as possible.

A Fuck Buddy Doesn’t Give Flowers

Don’t expect gifts.

A fuck buddy relationship is not about showering each other with flowers and gifts on birthdays or special occasions.

Keep your relationship as simple as possible.

Gifts will only confuse the issue leading you to believe that perhaps the person likes you more than they’re letting on.


Don’t Blab Either

Don’t give too much personal information away.

There’s not need to convey your life story to your fuck buddy. In fact the more they know about you the more opportunity you’re giving them to judge you in some way.

Plus if it all goes wrong and they know all about you you’re giving them the opportunity to use that knowledge against you.


So Is This The Beginning?

Some simple tips to ensure your fuck buddy relationship is a healthy one.

If you both understand the basic principles then you have a much better chance of success.


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