Let The Screams Begin

men can afford to buy gifts if they think about it

Men can afford to buy gifts if they think about it

I can hear those guys sighing in the back, over there.

They’ve always known it.

Forget to get the lady a gift on the ‘anniversary of the day you first noticed me’ and they’re cooked.


But They Cost Money!

Guys are so hooked up on money and not wanting to spend to receive.

When it comes to gifts, you’ve got salary sacrifice options, you can put a little away each week or simply look for low budget gifts from markets – there isn’t any excuse for not being able to afford a gift!

If you want to know just how important gifts are in a relationship, take a poll of the millions of twenty and thirty-something, long suffering guys.

They know all about it.


1. You Just Can’t Win Otherwise

There are days that make a person feel special.

Only thing is, with the fair sex, there are many days that make them feel special. There are anniversaries of when the two of you met, when you first kissed and when you two started going steady.

The ladies have this fantastic ability to remember special days. Don’t ask me how they do it. On that day, when you’re all tired and fuzzy (and your memory’s done a bunk), their eyes will check for a bulge in your shirt pocket.

A gift, you think?

Of course a gift!

What else?


2. A Gift Helps Clear Up Jealous Fits

If you’re savvy like me, you’ll visit one of those discount thrift stores and buy some pretty things in advance.

Buy them, get them gift wrapped and stock up, guys.

I am telling you, this strategy never fails. The day you know she’s going to throw a jealous fit coz some friend of hers saw you with an old flame, whip out a pre-bought, pre-parcelled gift and the game’s yours.

Store your gifts for her away from gifts for men you know; don’t mix them up, or your goose is well and truly cooked!


3. It’s Just The Thing When You Cannot Explain

Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, a gift is worth a thousand explanations that could go wrong from the first word.

Just shut up, and present something with a flourish.

Add some goofy, romantic bit about how much you missed her. Tell her you’re sorry about whatever it was but thoughts of her keep distracting you. When you’ve done something that just cannot be explained, let the gift do the talking for you.

It’s just a small thing, but a gift bears a powerful message, and speaks so much better than you ever can.


4. A Gift Increases Your Reputation

This one is real important, so listen up.


From the moment you start dating seriously, your social reputation is out of your hands. Why, you wonder? Stop wondering, I’ll tell you. Women talk. They share every itty bitty thing with their gal pals and the gals then tell their boyfriends everything.

Even the mafia is not as well linked as the female ladies room network (yes, that’s where most of the ‘do you know’ gossiping happens).

What are the odds that your boss hears of your latest escapade before you’ve had time to think it over?

Trust me, a gift now and then ‘just like that’ will keep you in everyone’s good books, jerk or not.

After all, how wrong can you or your intentions be, if you keep spending on her?

And could you possibly be the insensitive kind, if you are always ready to make up in the sweetest way, memento in tow?


5. Gifts Can Get You Entry Into Privy Networks

A hushed word here and a hushed word there – that’s all it takes.

All of a sudden, doors open, parents are happy with you, and you get introduced to their peers.

Then follow the invites to golf parties, to family events, clubs – hell, maybe even a great job recommendation! It’s not without perks, my brothers.

Keep the gifts coming.

Just don’t make it look orchestrated or unnatural.


6. Gifts Can Make You Hard To Replace

It’s not just the gifting that does the trick.

You have to put in some real effort here.

Remember the ‘special anniversaries’, track her PMS days and gift something on odd days just to cheer her up.

Make sure you don’t run out of gift ideas; observing your girl and watching what she wears, eats and watches should give you enough ideas.

You don’t have to blow money on each gift, just make sure it sends out the right message.

You’ll be real hard to replace, man.


7. Gifts Make Moving On That Much Easier

Your girlfriend’s girlfriends know you to be the gifting kind (the very best kind). Their boyfriends’ sisters know it, and so do their boyfriends and so on.

Honestly, pretty much the entire county knows it and so do the moms of all the pretty girls around.

So if you girlfriend does drop you, no issues.

You can easily get dates.

Your reputation is already high; you’re desirable, man!

That’s the way to go!


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