Through the years, Valentines Day has undergone a series of metamorphic changes.

From the times of ancient martyrs to modern-day romantics, the day has always been an eventful one.

In this article, we’re going to delve deeper to understand some of the common accounts behind its origin.

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love on valentines day

There’s lots of love but where does it come from?


Uncovering the Origin of Valentines Day

The account of Saint Valentine

In the course of the 3rd century a cruel Emperor (Claudius II) ruled over Rome.

Historical records state that he hated the idea of love and marriage to the extent that he ruled it illegal it for young soldiers to love or to be loved. Saint Valentine lived during this era of draconian rules and being the risk-taker he was, he committed himself to changing this unfair state of affairs.

Unfortunately, the secrets of his mission leaked out and as a result he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured to death for committing the crime of spreading love against his master’s wishes.

It is said that while in jail, the Saint turned to Christianity- a life-threatening crime during those days. Being a talented public speaker, St. Valentine used every opportunity to enlighten his fellow prisoners with his rich stock of knowledge.

History has it that he went to an extent of falling in love with one of the jailor’s daughters. It is said that he was executed on February the 14th.
His bold acts of fighting for love are believed to have formed the basis for the origin of the Valentines Day.


The account of Valentine of Terni

Valentine of Terni was a man who strongly believed in love and forgiveness.

He lived in AD 197 during the rule of Emperor Aurelian.

Though little is known about his life, existing historical records claim that he was beheaded by the order of one of the emperor’s powerful men-Placid Furius.

He died on February the 14th.


The account of Valentine of Alexandria (Valentinus)

Valentinus is said to have spent most of his time fighting for spiritual love.

He believed that the world is made of three kinds of people namely spiritual people, material people and physical people.

He was of the view that spiritual people (gnosis) were blessed and by extension stood a big chance of inheriting spiritual salvation. It is reported that he used to advocate for the benefits of marriage- a move that conflicted with his superiors’ wishes.

Just like with his two counterparts (Saint Valentine and Valentine of Terni), he was executed on February the 14th.


Summing Up On The Origin of Valentines Day

Well, the three accounts have several similarities.

Whether it’s by facts or by sheer coincidence, several things remain unchanged.

  • The day originated from the idea of love.
  • The occasion is strongly linked to February the 14th.
  • The superiority of the themes of bravery and martyrdom.

Today, more than a thousand years later, Valentines Day remains special.

It offers a unique opportunity for the whole world to appreciate the precious gift of love.



There are numerous facts about the origin of the Valentines Day.

However, the pieces of information discussed above are the most important ones that you need to know.

We wish you all the best as you prepare to express your love to special people in your life.


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