51 Things He Wishes You Knew

Here are some real-world truths for you ladies to digest.

How guys actually view the world and view our relationships with you.

do you think its easy for guys to be forced to understand women

Guys are always told to understand women.
It cuts both ways, ladies, so read on

51 short dot-points you need to print out, memorize, and put into action.

  1. I’m a human being, just like you
  2. I’ve got feelings too – try finding them
  3. You’re the only one I tell my secrets too
  4. I think you’re gorgeous – you should as well
  5. Never ask a question you don’t wish to hear the truth of
  6. If you think I’m a mind reader, I’m not
  7. As far as being romantic is concerned, I am
  8. Not being enthusiastic about sex equates to you not desiring me
  9. I have fantasies … about you
  10. I love your imperfections. I wouldn’t be with you otherwise
  11. Your happiness is always a major priority
  12. I sometimes need empathy, just like you
  13. I love seeing you naked. Leave the lights on sometimes
  14. Words like ‘Nothing is wrong’ just makes me frustrated
  15. If you need some attention and I’m overlooking it, ask for it and I’ll be there for you
  16. Don’t leave all the decision making to me
  17. You can be adventurous too
  18. In private, it’s ok to be uninhibited
  19. I love your opinions so have some
  20. Make an effort to discover my soft gooey center
  21. I like being touched
  22. And I love being groped
  23. And I really love you checking me out, with a desire
  24. Stop dredging up shit in the past if we’ve already talked about it
  25. If you have suspicions about me, ask me about them
  26. Stop listening to the voices in your head and listen to mine
  27. I like quiet meaningful conversations too
  28. I’ll always give you my honest opinion on what you’re wearing if you ask
  29. And what you’re wearing isn’t anywhere near as important as the person underneath
  30. I like holding hands
  31. I like looking at you when you’re asleep
  32. My biggest concern is you being safe
  33. Tell me your main priorities so I can understand
  34. Ask for mine too
  35. I like to actually hear you tell me what you love about me too
  36. You might like to ask and understand how I view love and sex
  37. Be honestly interested in one of my hobbies or interests
  38. Forget ever believing I’m likely to understand the way you think
  39. I might look at another woman but I’m with you
  40. We forget and forgive menial little things – try it
  41. What’s with the toilet seat? If it’s up, put it down. If it’s down, we put it up. No biggie, really.
  42. If you can confide in your girlfriend and not me, you’re doing it wrong
  43. You do know talking dirty in the bedroom is a total turn-on?
  44. You’re our partner because we do respect you. Why would you think any different?
  45. We love new experiences too. Suggest some of your own.
  46. Why would we really want an airhead bimbo for a partner?
  47. We love it when you take control of a situation. Saves us doing it and shows you’re a strong woman – refer to bimbo dot point
  48. You know we’re visual. Dress up and spice up our desire. You’ll thank yourself for it
  49. If we’re quiet, it doesn’t mean we’re having an affair. We might be just tired. Ask questions
  50. If we’re quiet, it might also mean we’re sexually frustrated. Find a solution and both be happy
  51. We don’t like all this ‘women against men’ crap. Be our best friend because we want to be yours
try understanding men for a change - you might be surprised of the outcome

Try understanding men for a change – you might be surprised at the outcome

Speak Your Mind, and Give an Opinion

Well, there’s my neck on the line so here’s what you can do next:

  • Agree or just plain pissed off with an honest list?
  • What are you willing to do now?
  • And if you’re a guy, what did I miss on my list?
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