Get Ready For The Romance Reasons

The question as to whether men appreciate romance is still a mystery to most women.

Do they feel the need to be wined and dined just like women?

Popular opinion would have us believe that men do not care about romance.

men can be romantic

Men are romantic …. In their OWN way.
Learn it and appreciate it

Contrary to this belief, some if not all men, do appreciate a little romance once in a while as men have the same need to feel appreciated and loved just as women do.

Planning a romantic gesture for a man needs time and effort but it keeps the relationship fresh and balanced and men appreciate it as much as women.

Below you’ll find ten reasons why men love romance…



Romance involves spontaneity.

Men love new experiences, and their love for sports and danger proves this theory.

Planning an exceptional dinner or trip without his input will remind him of his spontaneous primal self.


Some Attention

A little romance gives him your undivided attention.

Having some time to focus on him gives him an assurance that he truly matters.

This boosts his ego.


No Guessing Allowed

Men do not like guessing games.

tell your guy your feelinga

Nothing says it better than actually saying it.

If a woman wants her man to do something, she needs to tell him. Planning a romantic date will allow any woman to describe in detail to her man what she wants and needs from him.

This will build his confidence in doing things right.


Some Touch

They may not say it, but men appreciate physical touch as much as women.

A lingering kiss or a touch on his shoulder is a reminder of how much he means to you.


The Visuals

Dressing up for your man for a planned romantic date will rekindle his desire for him.

Men are visual creatures.

Giving him a treat for his eyes will remind him of his initial attraction.



A man needs to feel appreciated as a man.

Treating him to a romantic date will assure him that he is a stud. Being in a relationship for a long time can set in familiarity. Men appreciate a woman who remembers that he is still the man in her life.

With time, this feeling tends to fade, and a reminder puts things into perspective.


Do As To Others

Men tell women what they want romantically by setting examples. If he has prepared a candlelit dinner with champagne, he would probably want the same.

Men react to these things in the same way as women, and appreciate the effort that goes to setting it up.


The Unexpected

Romance provides a chance to get him an unexpected gift.

Men love gifts as much as women.

They will love these romantic yet practical gestures with open arms.


The Passion

Celebrating your relationship keeps the flame burning.

Romance gives men the same warm feelings as it does women.

It rekindles the passion from a romantic act.


Those Feelings Too

Finally, romance brings out a man’s feelings.

Women should take these opportunities to find out what makes their man tick.


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