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Is Weight Loss Sexy For A Woman?

Many women suffer from one body issue that results in two insecurities – being self-conscious of her appearance, a women feels insecure about her weight and sexual performance.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if we could attack two birds with one stone?

Beyonce and Weight Gain
Beyonce is “naturally predisposed”, as she says herself.
She’s done the sexy weight loss and so can you.

Now, you can!

Sexy weight loss is something every woman should try!


A Very Unique Workout

Whether you are interested in cardio striptease (also known as strip aerobics), pole dancing, or lap dancing, there is a way to lose inhibitions along with excess weight. However, these workouts aren’t your typical exercise class.

After all, very few fitness instructors encourage their students to bring six-inch heels, push up bras and slinky dresses!

lap dancing classes
Great comfort too because these are ‘Ladies Only’ classes!

While these articles of clothing aren’t required for the class, they do help some women get in the mood. And actual stripping (or nudity) isn’t required either.

Not only is the attire different, the moves are truly unique too.

Many exercises focus on BLT – breasts, legs, and thighs.

Classes like cardio striptease teach the Hello Kitty – a full squat to the floor with feet together and knees spread apart!


Who Is Enrolled?

Anyone can take a cardio striptease, pole dancing or lap dancing class.

Everyone will feel beautiful, no matter what shape, size or fitness level.

Many women chose to step out of the ordinary of their structured 9–5 existence and try something a little risqué.

These sexy workouts are a great way for women to unwind and dare to be different.


What Are Classes Like?

Each fitness center and each class will be instructed differently.

However, you can expect something along the lines of any other fitness class – a short warm up, an intense workout out, and a brief cool down.


Will I Actually Get a Workout?

As is the case with any workout routine, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. If you are just going through the motions – exerting very little energy – then no, you probably won’t get much of a workout.

However, if you give it all you’ve got, there is no reason why you wouldn’t burn calories.

If you are curious about the intensity of your workout, check your heart rate during a class. You can determine your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220.

For example, if you are 30 years old, your maximum heart rate is 190. If a beginner wants to experience cardiovascular benefits, she should reach 55% of her maximum heart rate.

This can be achieved with intense bursts or sustained exertion.

Most students see endurance, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility benefits.

If you are still worried about getting a quality workout, consider supplementing your sexy workout with additional strength training.


I’m Nervous!

For many, the thought of a striptease or pole dancing class invokes extreme levels of fear.

However, most participants get over their nerves in the first 15 minutes of class.

If you are unsure of what to expect or are shy about showing off your skills in public, pick up a DVD and try an at-home workout first.


The Homework is Fun Too!

While there is value to every exercise class, these sexy workouts offer one additional bonus no one else is offering – hot and steamy tips for the bedroom!

You probably don’t come home from a kickboxing class and immediately show your husband your latest achievement.

However, your honey will be more than willing to watch a demonstration from your latest striptease class!

So why not give it a try? Why not boost your self-esteem while boosting your physical fitness?

Yes, you’ll pick up some hot and sensual tips, but you’ll have a lot of fun too!


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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Brenda recently signed up for a cardio striptease class. She loved it so much she added a pole dancing lesson too! In addition to exercising, she also uses various weight loss supplements. She consults a local company for HCG shots and weight loss information.

Brenda – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

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  1. Great article, Brenda
    Weight loss for a woman so she can look sexy for her man can really be loads of fun. If you let it.

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