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It’s Really For Everyone – Men and Women

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women from Sylvia a few weeks ago.

I finally got the chance to read it over on my work train ride a few days ago.

What an enjoyable, lighthearted adventure through the miscommunications that are human beings.

It taught this old dog some new tricks as well so, for that, I’m grateful. (and when I say ‘tricks’, I DO mean understanding :))

He wants us not for cooking, cleaning, and sex, but for love, friendship, and sex.

Interestingly enough, it’s an eye-opener for women too.

Just what they might be mucking up in how they talk to their partners as well as their partners understanding when they themselves might be being ‘played’ by a potentially manipulative women – I wonder how many of those are out there?


Interesting Snippets For You

Isn’t it better that I stay with you because I want to be with you, and not because I need you?

Now that’s a great line, isn’t it? You should never feel you’re staying with anyone because you need them, rather it’s the mutual ‘want’ to simply be with them.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know that we look forward to seeing you, that the only reason we go places with you or continue to live with you is because we enjoy your company and genuinely want to be there?

More life lessons for both sexes, don’t you think?

Children need protection; women do not. When we enter into relationships, we do it assuming we’re your partners. Your friends. Your equals. Your confidants.

Too many times, men (and women too) consider themselves above and/or better than their partners. Possibly more prevalent in the male of the species but the jury is out on that score, if you ask me.

Point is, both genders are human beings. Human beings have the equal rights and privileges of life in general.

Cheating, lying, embezzling, sneaking, killing, abusing, neglecting, bullying, etc. Speaking of cheating and saintly, morally superior women — 68% of women say they would have an affair if they knew they’d never get caught.

This statistic was offered on the program Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN, orig. air date June 21, 2011).

Now we all know :)

Women can be just as morally damaged as men.

Let the gavel fall!


I Had An Ah-Hah Moment Too :)

Oh, now I know about, what I thought, was a wonderful and personal Valentines Day present.

In fact, the last two Valentines Day gifts of heart shaped necklace and then some lingerie, for my second wife Pamela Allen, have never been worn.

If you buy us jewelry or anything else we’re expected to wear in public, you’re brave, because it’s very hard to make those selections.

Please don’t be offended when we want to exchange whatever it is for something we’ll like.

Review - What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women 1
Guys: From now on, forget buying your special lady these ……
Review - What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women 2
… and buy these as a much safer bet for her enjoyment

OK, now I get it, d’oh.

My taste needs to stay in my head in those two areas, I think.


Review Wrap-up

On a score out of ten, I’d rate the value and benefit as well as ease of reading, with a nice subtle dose of humour:

3.5 / 5

Pros: There is certainly great education for both men and women, of all adult ages

Cons: Lots of subject matter relevant to the topic remains uncovered. Do I smell a sequel?


Review - What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women 3

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21 thoughts on “Review – What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women”
  1. “Children need protection; women do not. When we enter into relationships, we do it assuming we’re your partners.”

    This is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the major sticking points with male-female relationships in the modern age. Gender roles were remarkably different, or at least they were seen to be, as little as 30 – 40 years ago. Women DID need protection. Men WERE the stiff-upper lip guardians of their house/children/domain/little wife.

    Whilst these perceptions are miles from being accurate and are increasingly outdated, you can’t just sweep them away and expect everyone to fall in line instantly. If we could, surely we would have all held a meeting, announced that racism ‘isn’t cool, guys’ and left it behind where it belongs.

    Men, from my experience at least, are doing their best for the most part. This book is a magnificent eye opener. A lot of my male friends are still under the impression that women ‘secretly’ want to be protected and looked after and so on. ‘Protecting your woman’ I’ve found doesn’t often come from a place of misogyny but, instead, misguided love and confusion over outdated gender roles.

    Books like Sylvia’s and blogs and websites like yours, Geek are taking the right steps and honestly, that’s all we can ask for at the moment, I think. These things can take time.

    I’d love to know your thoughts on my two cents.

    Anita. x

    1. I pondered on this one for a while, Anita.

      Yeah, I think you got it right that men still want (and do) protect their woman. WTF is wrong with that anyway? It’s not as if guys want to drag females around by their hair with one hand and drag their club in the other.

      It most certainly is a love thing. We love our beautiful partners for what they bring to the relationship and we’re protecting her (when she needs it) and wer’e protecting the stability of the relationship (as best as we know how).

      And you what? Women do exactly the same. They protect their men-folk in other ways. They’re the keepers of common sense balance so we don’t make freaking fools of ourselves. They protect our delicate egos that can sometimes be a little too fragile, at times. Women protect and defend our relationship harmony, even when we might not readily see it.

      It’s still about balance and understanding how to get balance.

  2. Did you see the Teleflora commercial last night? Note: If you liked that commercial, you're the target audience for "'What Every Woman…" ;0)
    My recent post Kids: The Next Excitement?

  3. If these are the only misunderstandings men and women have, we're so lucky! I wonder if suggestions will start rolling in after Valentine's Day. ;0)

    1. Haha Sylvia, good one on the perils of Valentines Day. I do think that all of these issues mentioned also incorporate many other issues within, and so 5 probs between men and women listed here may actually amount to 50 or so smaller ones.

  4. I cast my vote in the area of lovemaking between the sexes or dare I use the taboo word of S E X
    Thinking we're a liberated race of human beings is so far from the truth when it comes to our natural pleasure between a man and a woman. Confusion abounds … There's deception, lies, wrong signals and withholding that pleasure. Way way screwed up.

    1. Withholding as punishment is something I've never understood. Withholding because you just aren't interested (say, after a fight, and the last thing you want is to be naked with that person), on the other hand…

    2. Yep I agree, i think the cliche 'liberation' is way too far from any of us, for us to even contemplate or live out its meaning.

  5. Sounds interesting! As relates to the "want" vs "need" debate, I was really surprised when I started online dating that men HATED the term "independent woman." I first used that term in my profile because I figured I should make sure that guys should know I could take care of myself and wasn't interested in their paycheck. I heard from several guys that they didn't interpret "independent" that way at all, but rather that I was saying that I didn't need a man for anything. I guess men DO want to be needed sometimes, even if it's just to fix something around the house sometimes. It just runs so counter to our cultures worship of the fiercely independent in all things.

    Still, I agree that it is far better to be wanted than needed. :-)
    My recent post Do You Believe in Love?

    1. Christina – My ex was very unhappy with the idea of my not needing him. I couldn't help it, though, and I couldn't – and didn't want to – lie to him. Why make apologies for being self-sufficient? I did try to explain, though, that it didn't mean I valued his presence in my life any less.

  6. I think one of the things both genders get confused with when relating to one another is that they forget that the opposite gender is a person, very similar to person 1's friends, family, colleagues or other associates. Men and women mystify the other sex to the extent that they believe them to the alien 'other'. The 'other' gender is not so mysterious. They're just a person. Like you or me.

    1. Nice one, Brig. I'm always working towards saying it like it is, with diplomacy. Thankfully (and hopefully), the longer you're with someone, the less games are played and the more truth and wonder is discovered and enjoyed. It's always a work in progress but definitely worth the effort if both partners are committed to that path.

      1. Y, it would be great if the more truth and wonder happened further into the relationship. Although sometimes the honeymoon's over before it's begun.

    2. Yes Brig, how often do we forget that this is not a competition between women & men, but an opportunity for great cooperation & mutual understanding. It is so easy to damage a good relationship & often so hard to make amends.

      1. "It is so easy to damage a good relationship & often so hard to make amends". Love it. I have to tweet this MikeH55!

  7. A sequel, you say? I'll have to give it some serious thought. :) Thank you for hosting this competition – best of luck to the entrants! I look forward to reading your answers. – Syl

    1. Pleasure is all mine, Sylvia. Great book people will get value from – that's what we're all here to provide. Look forward to those snappy comments myself.

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