Well, it’s February 12th which is a significantly relevant day for my second wife Pamela Allen and myself.

February 12th You Say?

the start of Pamela Allen and Martin Cooney

far happier times in our relationship together

Back on February 12th, 2009, we had the absolute delight of somehow meeting online via Facebook.

That’s pretty amazing since she was in Cape Town, South Africa and I was in Brisbane, Australia.

It’s still hazy how that initial Facebook Friends connection was made and we can only presume it was someone with a mutual connection. That said, there was a divine energy at work.

At the time, I wasn’t even contemplating a long distance relationship and only due to never ever had one before.

I’d been researching the Law of Attraction for some time and had a mindset to ‘allow’ anything into my life.

Anyway, I was also running a women’s only Facebook Group called ‘The Male Brain of Martin Cooney’ which has now been moved to this site (reasoning is explained later in this post)


The First Time Is Often a Milestone

It was an innocent first Facebook message about some difficulty she had with posting a message into the Group.

I replied with some suggestions and got another message back.

Well, this time I looked up her profile and immediately said ‘Wow!’ inside my head. Her profile picture looked amazing and I was instantly mesmerised so the little voice inside my head was saying:

Find out more about her. There might be something to this chance meeting

When you think about it, this really is what goes through our heads with a potentially new ‘special person’. What tends to happen is a lot of us over-think things and subconsciously BUT intentionally place reasons why it won’t work in our minds. A lot of people can’t help but self-sabotage our own destinies.

I wasn’t having any of that.

I somehow knew there was something special and trusted my heart and gut instinct in pursuing her. At least until I discovered more about her and what possibilities existed.

No harm in any of that.


Serious Talking, Revealing Discoveries

You know you’re onto a good thing when you can spend hours and hours chatting to one person about things in both your lives.

When you find yourself in a long distance relationship, there’s lots of different ways you can communicate effectively and she and I first started just using Facebook Messaging and Chat which were a little flaky and too delayed for our liking.

Yahoo Chat was next.

Well, that lasted only a few days. We were both eager to see each other in the flesh, so to speak and probably both a little apprehensive about how to ask.

The answer was just to ask which one of us did.

So Skype Video was next and that literally turned everything around.

By that I mean, things went from ‘nice chatting with you’ to ‘I’m really loving this and want MORE’.

And when two people are really getting ‘into each other’ from a purely non-physical (and we couldn’t even if we wanted to) situation, it’s quite a bonding experience.

Young Love - Never Too Old 1

The true magic of a loving connection, made stronger by a long distance relationship

Getting to know one another is expedited, without all those typical sexual temptations that tend to get in the way.


So the Law of Attraction Gets Real

You get what you wish for

You can well understand we were both thinking how this online thing was going to amount to anything more than ‘just online’.

We both wished for it to become more.

As it turned out, I had already booked my flights and accommodation for a conference I was attending in Bali, at the end of March 2009.

Time to just ask and see where the journey goes

Popping the question ‘Hey babe, ever been to Bali before? I’m over there soon and was wondering whether you’d like to meet up for a week.

What do you think?’.

Naturally, as I expected, she needs to think about it and so she should.

For any long distance relationship to get anywhere, something’s got to give.

Another week of chatting and get to know each, went by. She casually told me that the dates I proposed actually coincided with her son’s school holidays, he could stay with her mother so she just booked her flight to Bali.

Wow and Bazinga!!!!

I booked the Le Meridian for our time together AND booked a flight to Cape Town afterwards. That last booking was to also prove to her that I was serious in where we were headed together.

Telling Pam this confirmed she made the right choice in me and meeting me in a foreign country.

Attraction moves faster when you’re moving toward your goal


And the Magic Was Worth It

Let’s cut to Bali now ….



I was like a school boy waiting for his first date to get off the plane :)

And then my wonderful Pamela Allen stepped off the plane and arrived!


This was the happiest time in my life, without question.

Imagine you being given a gift you’ve wanted for eternity – we were both all smiles from the airport to the hotel and couldn’t keep our arms from each other.

Martin Cooney and Pamela Allen in Bali for the first time

Martin and Pam in Bali for the first time

That’s funny saying that, as a 50-something year old.

Young love can happen at any time in your life.


Part Two Is Coming up Soon

This is a long post already and only Part One of the Martin and Pamela story so watch out for Part Two.


What’s Your Opinion?

How do you feel yourself about LDRs? (Long Distance Relationships)

Young Love - Never Too Old 2

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