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Get Your Dating Mojo Back!

As the old song goes, breaking up is hard to do.

This is just as true for men as it is for women.

It’s perfectly natural to mourn the loss of a relationship, and everyone goes through the process in different ways.

Different people are also ready to move on at different times, but often that’s easier said than done.

Many men find themselves back in the dating scene with no idea how they got there.

This can be especially true if your relationship was long term or a particularly meaningful one.

Uncertainty and doubt are common feelings.

So how can a newly single man be sure that he’s ready to take the plunge back into the dating pool?

Rather than diving right in, it can help to take some time for yourself and gain some insight and perspective into exactly how and who you want to be when you start dating again.

These five tips can help you get your mojo back after a breakup and move toward another, different but better relationship.


1. Address Your Physical Health and Fitness

Breakups suck.

They make us sad, and when we’re sad we’re not exactly motivated to do very much.

Ultimately, this can take a toll on a man’s physical health and fitness.

Barring any underlying medical conditions, it’s time to step away from Netflix and get moving.

Exercise will not only make you look better, but it increases the levels of dopamine in the brain.

Regular exercise means you’ll be getting regular doses of that feel-good hormone, and that will go a long way to improve your overall mood and self-esteem.

You don’t need to join a gym, either.

Regular walking, cycling, or running are all great ways to feel like your old self again.


2. Workaholic: Not Always a Bad Thing

When faced with a breakup, many men pour themselves into their work.

While this might be criticized as behaving in a way that illustrates denial, focusing on work in a time of stress is not always a bad thing.

In fact, in this type of situation it can help you step back, shift your priorities, and give yourself time to bounce back.

The added benefit of being a workaholic for a while is that it just might land you that promotion you’ve been after, or push you to the career change you weren’t sure about.

With more time to focus on yourself, you could find that you’re ready to accomplish much more than you thought.


3. Pack Your Bags

Travel doesn’t always have to be about finding yourself, but it can be a fantastic way to get a little taste of freedom, explore new places, and take a much needed break from your daily grind.

Whether it’s a road trip to nearby state or a journey that requires your passport, any type of travel is a great way to recharge your mojo batteries.

Another interesting aspect of post-breakup travel is the people you’ll meet.

Whether it’s the friendly locals on a Mexican beach or fellow adventurers at a hostel, meeting new people can really help bring you out of your funk and force you to interact.

Who knows?

You may even find someone you can connect with, if only for a short time.

Visit this site right here for inspiration.

Find inspiration and your dreams
Find inspiration and your dreams

4. Consult a Professional

There’s a stigma attached to professional therapy or counseling, especially for men.

That’s unfortunate because, in some cases, this can be the best way to work through your breakup issues and emerge a better and more positive person.

Ignore what you might think about counseling and give it a shot.

A good therapist can help you decipher your feelings about your past relationship, realize what worked and what didn’t, and give you the tools you need to feel more confident and better prepared for what lies ahead.


5. Just Be Yourself

At the end of the day you have to realize that some things just don’t work out.

Some people are just not right for each other.

It doesn’t always mean that one person wronged the other in the relationship; it could simply be that this relationship reached the end of its life span.

Understanding that you didn’t necessarily do anything wrong is a great way to learn more about what you did right.

Focus on the positive aspects of yourself that you brought to the relationship, and realize that those same qualities are still there, and the right someone will notice.

Breakups are always going to suck, and everyone deals with them in their own way.

However, these are some great tips to help you get back in the dating game, mojo intact.


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One thought on “5 Ways to Get Your Dating Mojo Back After a Breakup”
  1. It is very hard to come back in normal life after breakup. If you aren’t emotional person then you will be easily handle this situation and comeback in your life, But you are emotional person then it is very very hard. this type of person try to suicide after break. this tips very useful for that person. Don’t upset after breakup. forget it any start your journey with new aims.

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