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Online or Real: What’s Better?

The last three decades or so have seen the internet grow from an innovation nobody understood into an integral and indispensable part of our everyday lives.

We not only use it to read the news (instead of buying a newspaper) and watch movies (instead of turning on the TV) but also to order food, check out the latest casino promotions, keep in touch with our friends and families, and to find a significant other.

Online dating has become a massive worldwide phenomenon, with millions of men and women registering accounts with a variety of services to find everything from a hookup to a lifelong partnership.


But many say online dating is not the best way for men to find a partner.

An ever-increasing number of men complain that their options when trying to approach someone online are far more limited compared to their female counterparts.

And the abundance of options makes women reluctant to commit, always being on the lookout for something (someone) better – either physically or financially.

And many complain that even if they manage to get a date on online services, their chances to have a second one are slim.


The internet is considered to be fair, giving everyone the same opportunities, the same chances to have their say and find their partners, in our case.

Yet when it comes to dating online, all the advantages seem to be on the females’ side.

With online dating becoming everyone’s go-to when it comes to meeting romantic prospects, one might expect more success stories to see the light of day.

Instead, there is an ever-increasing number of men complaining about their lack of meaningful success and giving up on online dating as a whole, considering that the time and effort spent to get a date online is simply not worth it.

is dating online good for you
is dating online good for you


An ever-increasing number of dating coaches and self-help aficionados recommend for men to actually put themselves out there and try to find a partner in real life – because dating sites are not the only places where one can hook up.

At the same time, some recommend for men to “up their game”, work on their looks, their confidence, and become interesting and “dateable” types, masculine yet non-threatening, or a “better man” in general.

Because an online dating profile will never tell the whole truth about a person – it says nothing about their personality, their dreams, their eccentric side, and such – but these details will usually be revealed during an in-person conversation.

And so will the chemistry between the two partners.


While online dating might seem a convenient and easy means of finding a significant other, most experienced men still recommend for guys to get out and look for a partner in real life.

This way, people can avoid a series of disappointments – after all, there is a whole cornucopia of things you will definitely not find out about your potential partner by taking a look at their profiles and pictures.


Finally, here is a tip for those of you who are still bent to find a significant other – or even just want to hook up – through an online dating app: set up a “pre-date” before going on an actual one.

Say, meet for a coffee or a bagel one morning, get to know each other a bit, find out if there is at least a bit of chemistry to work with.

Don’t jump right into an actual date with flowers, dinners, movies, and whatever follows afterward. It is a safe and very informal way to find out whether or not you are made for each other – or whether you can spend a great night together.

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2 thoughts on “Dating Online vs. The Real Life: Which Is Better For Men?”
  1. I also appreciate the idea of pre-date and it is really great to know people but dating online is like you are watching a pretty dress outside from showroom. In face to face dating, you can examine people if you are a smart person.

  2. I really like the idea of the ‘pre-date’ and I have used it with great success myself. I find that the pre-date is a great no pressure way to test the chemistry without a ton of time wasted or expense. I do not like going on a $100 sushi and drinks date to find out that I would have rather stayed home and ordered a pizza in my boxer shorts! Give the pre-date a try fellas!

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