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Don’t End with Surgery Looking for Engagement Rings

There’s a special feeling that blooms when you find the perfect girl to spend your life with, a generous fuzzy tingle in your belly you’ll notice the moment you wake up.

It’s a strange sensation, one that can only be described as…debilitating anxiety.

Relax, this knot of stress you feel building up every time you think about buying a ring is easily alleviated.

engagement rings aren_t found in fortune cookies
Engagement rings aren’t found in fortune cookies.

Simply gain a little knowledge through research and create a foolproof plan to buy a sparkler that sets her heart aflutter.

Does that sound more difficult to be done than said? It doesn’t have to be, with a little help from her generous friends, the always-helpful Internet, and some modern rules for ring buying.


Here are a few suggestions for ensuring a panic-free and successful experience.

The Internet is Your Greatest Ally

As it is with rare books, bulk office supplies and presidential chia pets, so it is with engagement rings.

The Internet is the best place to find a broad variety of anything at a fantastic price.

Poring over the limitless selection of mountings, loose diamonds and finished rings will give you a solid foundation of what’s available. It will also acquaint you with the range of prices you can expect once you decide on a style.

Most importantly, whether or not you buy online, researching online is a must.

Start here to familiarize yourself with the essentials of diamond buying.

The 4-C’s are the 10 Commandments of the engagement ring world, and memorizing them is the first step in countering the pressure inherent in this mission.

One final consideration, buying online means skipping the hard sell tactics often preferred by salesmen at brick and mortar stores.

Though there are other drawbacks you have to weigh, buying online is the best choice for individuals overly susceptible to influence.

Sometimes websites even allow consumers to have rings shipped to stores, which will deliver the best of both worlds.


Her Friends Know Her Better

You know she secretly likes to be tickled, has an illogical aversion to yellow candy and gets the hiccups when she drinks carbonated beverages.

But you might not know her taste in engagement rings.

buying engagements rings is fraught with danger
Mess up and you might not Pass Go and Collect your $200

You may have purchased a bauble or two that she dutifully wears and gushes over, but that was child’s play.

This is the professional league, and no one knows for certain what she really wants, except her friends. If you’re really lucky, she already confessed to her best friend exactly what she dreams of wearing.

If not, well, enlist the friend’s help and hope she’s naturally adept at espionage.

Nothing will relieve your tension headache faster than knowing for certain what her fantasy ring looks like.


Modern Ring Buying Guidelines

Finally, the recession offers a silver lining.

Traditionally, engagement rings cost the groom-to-be two to three months of his salary. That’s a hefty chunk of change for a symbolic rock, and it’s an especially difficult purchase in an economic downturn.

Fortunately, the rules have changed.

One month is the new standard recommendation, and there’s plenty of wiggle room.

Without a doubt, buying an engagement ring is one of the most stressful experiences in life.

If you perform a little research, extend a lot of patience and employ a tactful accomplice, not only will you circumvent the dreaded pressure, you’ll end up with a beautiful ring, a beaming bride, and your sanity, in tact.


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Felicia Savage is a writer and graphic designer living in Indianapolis. When she isn’t working, Felicia loves spending time trying new teas, browsing pinterest and spending time with her cat!

Felicia – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

22 thoughts on “Find Engagement Rings – Not Stomach Ulcers”
  1. These are pretty cool tips. My friends told me that my boyfriend is looking for unique diamond engagement rings to present me and is having trouble choosing one. It ruined the surprise, but still, I’m still high in excitement. I’m going to share your tips with him…unobtrusively, of course. Thank you!

    1. It’s great you found some value in these tips, Sylvia.
      We’d all be interested in finding out how you will actually go about sharing these hints with your boyfriend though. Is it going to be subtle or the direct approach?

  2. Choosing an engagement ring should be fun. Another great option is to select the center stone and present that at the time of the marriage proposal. Then the couple can design the ring together.

    Thanks for the great post!


    1. Neat idea, Ann – thank you.
      I’ve actually never heard of anyone doing that before. With my fumble fingers, I’d be afraid of dropping it down a plughole somewhere.
      How do you go about presenting a single stone to someone?

      1. When someone purchases a loose diamond online, they come in a decorative box, such as this one that is shown here: http://instagram.com/p/VpYU6aFSz1/

        The lid is clear, so that you can see the stone without opening the box (and potentially losing it ;) )

        You could even purchase a less expensive ‘promise ring’ if the act of putting the ring on your loved one’s finger is important to you.

        Either way, you can explain that you would like to design the ring together, which would symbolize the joining of two lives.

        1. Wow, now I get what you’ve been saying, Ann.
          That’s a cool idea for a guy to think about so he doesn’t screw up the ring setting, I guess. One less stress for men :)

  3. Women would generally cherish the moment of getting engaged and eventually getting married. The rings are just symbols of the pure intention. The thought that a man would go through the stressful process of finding the perfect ring for the occasion is touching enough. The cost, for me, hardly matters.

  4. Taking all the stress out on yourself because you’re trying to imppress yur would-be fiancee with an engagement ring is not good. It will take a toll on your health. Man, find something pretty, and simple. It doesn’t have to be worth two months of your salary. The most important thing is that you’re giving the bling to her from the bottom of your heart.

  5. I wonder when I’ll be receiving one of these? I’ve only received a friendship ring so far…Thanks for the tips by the way.

  6. My brother has encountered a lot of trouble looking for an engagement ring since the selections in our mall did not fit his criteria of the perfect ring. I’ll let him read this article so that it could help him. Thanks for the tips.

  7. I’ll let my hubby read this once he finishes watching TV. Maybe he’ll get a clue that I’m ready to be married to him. Thanks for writing.

  8. Try not to stress yourself out so much that you’re ready to tear your hair off your scalp because you can’t find the perfect engagement ring for your lady love. Remember, women are not all that choosy, demanding, and dramatic about how a marriage proposal should turn out. Just buy something that’s simple and will totally flatter her elegant, slender ring finger. And do the rest of the proposal from the bottom of your heart.

  9. I still don’t understand why men would make such a big fuss when they look for the perfect engagement ring for their better half. I think purchasing an engagement ring should be a wonderful moment. A time when you’re only thinking about your girlfriend’s face when you finally pop the question.

    1. Well, I think it stems from the fact they are thinking of their girlfriend’s face and worry (or have doubts) that they’re buying the right ring.
      Guys can be quite insecure in these situations so it’s a real concern that can cause the fuss you are talking about.
      Does that make it any clearer, Veronica?

  10. Thank you very much for this article. I’m a girl and I’d also want a sparkly bling for my engagement ring someday, but your article is quite a gem. You may be offering simple and budgetwise advice in here but they are very helpful. Thank you.

    1. Love the play on words ‘gem’, Stacey :)
      Just because something is bought at a cheaper price doesn’t mean it should hold any lesser emotional value. We all have to work within our own budgets – if you can save a few dollars to spend on a better honeymoon experience, that makes a lot of sense to me. How about you?

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