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Keeping Him Interested Can Be Tough

The first few months are always passionate and filled with excitement.

Every day seems like an adventure.

But eventually, we all fall into a rut. It’s the inevitable part of relationships that movies and TV shows decide to skip over.

It’s not always avid lust and love.

keep your man interested in you
Here are the best ways to keep him running after you, forever

But this doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Sure, the fairy-tale type of beginning you guys had may never come again, but you can always reignite some spark.

Women tend to panic when relationships stretch out too long.

They think that their partners will lose interest and start talking to other women to feel the way they used to.

This doesn’t always happen, though.


There are ways you can make things more interesting again.

Figure Out The Problem

Life has always taught us to look at the problem.

Back when we were kids, the scientific method preached ‘asking the question’ right from the start. It’s always good to find out what’s causing the issue.

  • Is it you?
  • Is it him?
  • How do you fix it?

Men don’t like to beat around the bush—they want things straight-forward.

It’s best to just ask him what’s going on.

Have a heart-to-heart and tackle the problem directly.

Nine times out of ten they’ll be happy to tell you exactly how to spice things up!



It may not seem like it, but sometimes men, too, enjoy talking.

They spend everyday listening to their partners talk about their daily lives. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s good to have a balance. Let him do his bit of talking. Ask him how work was, or how his day has been.

Spend a few hours figuring out his interests, friends, and work.

At first, guys might be quiet, but they actually have loads to say and talk about.

An equal balance of conversation is only going to make your relationship stronger.


What Are His Goals?

Society has made it to seem like guys do not like any sort of commitment.

This isn’t always true.

You will not scare your partner away if you talk about the future. Ask him about his long-term goals and plans. If they don’t involve you, then that’s fine. At least you’ll know where things are going.

Try to avoid the relationship topic as much as possible, though. Instead, ask about future job prospects and where his career is going.

Avoid the future goals talk if he’s not in the right mood, too.


Spicing It Up

Relationships get boring when you end up doing the same thing each day.

Men aren’t good at showing their reactions and feelings.

Some women don’t pick up on this and continue with their lives. This inevitably leads into ‘rut’ where you find yourselves avoiding new experiences.

Guys like seeing their partner live their life and be spontaneous. If anything’s going to scare them off, it would be the idea of settling down with someone who does nothing but mope and complain all day.

There are many things you can do. Action dates are always a good choice—hop onto a bike or engage in a sport. They can be romantic, believe it or not. If you guys aren’t the athletic type, get a hotel in London for a few nights and spend some quality time together.

Romance can be neither created nor destroyed, but it’s always there!


Give Him Some Space

Just like women, men need their space.

Don’t be afraid of letting him have a few drinks with his friends every now and then. Trust is vital in a relationship. Showing him that you trust him will only make him feel closer to you.

Being together 24/7 doesn’t define the perfect couple. You have to individually build up so you don’t go crazy!

Spending days, and sometimes even weeks, apart makes the moments you’re together more precious.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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Sohaib is an adventure travel enthusiast and works as a writer for HotelClub, a website for booking hotels and more. When he isn’t working hard, you’ll find him pushing the limits on his bike and checking off countries from his ‘list’.

Sohaib – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

5 thoughts on “The Best 5 Ways to Keep Him Interested”
  1. Thank you for this encouraging post. Nobody is doomed for the ‘rut’ unless s/he dooms herself/ himself for it. We need to invest our time, energy and creativity into relationships. This is why, it is up to us – whether we fall into traps of rut or romanticize our activities, listen to each other and stay interested.

    1. Wise words indeed, Julia. Love the way your phrase your thoughts.
      Relationships are certainly an investment that pays handsome dividends if you invest wisely, don’t you think?

  2. Keeping him interested at times can be a real challenge.But if he really does love you it will not be as tough,but one way is to keep yourself up,some girls let their self go after they feel they have the man hooked,but that is the best way to loose your man.Let him see how beautiful you are inside and out,let him see your good qualities.let him see how how much he means to you.know his likes,and dislikes.Sometimes it takes doing something different to keep things going smooth.I have been with my wife for 39 years,and I think she looks better and better every day,so do a lot of other people,but she has always been a woman that keeps her self up.We try to do different things to keep things going smooth.

    1. Wise wise words indeed, Edward and thank you for your visit and comment too, my friend.

      It always takes two to tango and keeping up appearances and self esteem is important, no matter what the gender.

  3. Thank you so much for an enlightening guest post, Sohaib
    Like both genders, tuning in and listening to his problems is a really important component to any relationship, new or old.
    Great tips, my friend

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