beware when a woman is too quiet

When a girl is quiet and doesn’t say a word, that’s when she needs you the most.

I just had to share this one with all of you guys.

It certainly made me think about some past ‘supposedly’ healthy relationships I’ve had with women.

People say women love to talk and talk about anything and everything yet I don’t think about things when they’re quiet. And that’s when we guys need to be very aware of things.

Why are women quiet?

What’s happened in the recent past that they might be thinking about, what might have insulted them, what might have them confused or given them mixed and/or confused feelings or signals?

It’s a damn minefield for guys, isn’t it?

I remember one time when this happened and I asked the lady at the time what was wrong.

My goodness, what was explained to me was so far off base, it was frightening.

Why do women take an innocent action, dwell on it for an eternity, and manifest so many ridiculous and offbeat scenarios?

They could always ask the poor, innocent guy what’s going on, couldn’t they?

One view I’ve pondered on is whether they’re actually planning some sort of revenge instead of calmly having a good old-fashioned conversation to sort it all out.

Jesus, is that too much to ask so the situation gets back onto an even footing?

Why drag things out so both parties end up being miserable and, typically, a once thriving and happy relationship goes to crap. It’s quite frustrating.

Anyone else had this sort of thing happen to them?

I’d so love to hear some other experiences and thoughts on this one.

When They're Quiet - Yikes! 1

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One thought on “When They’re Quiet – Yikes!”
  1. Nice one, Mitch.

    Sometimes the ladies are dangerous, whether they're quiet or talkative. Though, I gotta agree, when they're quiet, it's often because there's something brewing inside their thoughts. And women tend to be long term planners as well. I remember a good friend of mine telling me that his now-ex-wife sprung the divorce on him and she'd already booked plans and schools for the children, changed her billing address for all her payments etc etc. And she'd said it had been brewing for 6 months.

    If only she'd used that time to get things sorted in the relationship instead of totally ending it. Oh well, maybe it was just meant to be that way.

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