Are You Really For Real?

Healthy and loving relationships survive because you have your partner’s back and they have yours.

Your true intention should be a journey of love and respect!

It’s a simple choice to make and easier to accomplish, if your true intention is a journey of love, respect and success.


The First Time Around Worked Well

I remember in my first marriage (of 26 years), my first wife Vicki was always interested in what I was doing and actively took a part, if I needed some assistance.

We both understood that to be an effective team (no reference to Tom Cruise in Oblivion either) we both needed to act like one and not as individuals.

We did grow apart as some couples tend to do however the important thing to keep in mind in the team work, co-operation and goal setting that the majority of the time, took place.

relationships are built on team work

Are you an effective team?


Caution And Next Steps

OK, you’re in a new relationship.

It’s typical that two individuals that have now been thrust together are going to have some challenges in both understanding and recognising the importance of team-play and winning as a team.

Old habits die hard but you need to decide that you’re either in this for the long run, have other subversive agendas or you need some help in getting to play well with others.

We aren’t all built the same way.

Some understand team-play instantly and others want to but have some trouble.

Understanding the end-game, what you do need to do to win and being positive (as well as trusting and OK) in asking for some help will get you there.


It Isn’t a Revolving Door Either

If you’ve committed to a relationship, you have made a firm understanding to be the best you can to make it work.

For you that haven’t worked that out yet, it means dedication to being in the thick of the good and the bad times.

You might sometimes have some doubts of ‘WTF am I doing in this with him/her’ but you came together for good reasons and foundations need attention and are always a Work In Progress.

Think of an analogy of the teams operating in your workplace, as an example.

If the focus of the business goes off course, a manager will try and steer it back.

If you’ve got a good Manager of people, he or she will involve the entire team’s thoughts to find the best solution to enable the business to be successful.

Same for the business of your relationship.

a relationship is for keeps so work on it

If you think you can sign in and out whenever you want, you got it all wrong


Relationship Rewards Come From Hardship

The tough times are the most rewarding, as well as revealing too.

They reveal just who you are.

  • Partner.
  • Friend.
  • Traitor.
  • Asshole

These challenges demonstrate your resolve to each other’s future and your future as a couple.

  • Tough times highlight your tenacity to succeed with you partner
  • Your commitment to the partnership is front and centre
  • Your partner knows you’re there to help him or her.
    • Really help.
    • As in roll up your sleeves and do the hard yards


So My Questions To You

  • Are you in the relationship, for better or worse?
  • Would you seek out help, for you both to succeed?
  • Do you really have your partner back or acting alone?
  • Or are you really just an asshole?

Do You Have Your Partner’s Back? 1

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