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Well, I think I know :)

You don’t know what you don’t know.

South-East Asia has untapped resources for all those guys looking for a wonderful woman in his life.

Before moving to Thailand, I had no idea of the quantity of beautiful Thai girls there.

Back in Australia, I often see slim well tanned Asian girls walking hand-in-hand with a much older western man.

In the back of my mind, I’ve seen beautiful Thai girls before but only in passing in a crowd. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I dived into Google at the request of a good friend of mine. It was after him pleading to me to come visit him in Thailand that my eyes were opened.

Like any country Thai women come in all shapes and sizes.

For the most part, Thai ladies are slender and ooze sensuality.

If you’re looking for an Asian girlfriend then the beautiful Thai girls from the diverse areas of Thailand should be at the top of your list.

If you’re looking for a Thai girlfriend, a Thai wife or new female Thai friends then start looking.

And here’s why:

Beautiful Thai Girls Are Happy Thai Girls


This is one of those times when religion is a good thing. Though my personal view is Buddhism is more a way of life and a course of living.

Happiness forms a central theme of Buddhist teachings. Buddhism encourages the generation of loving kindness and compassion, the desire for the happiness and welfare of all beings.

With the majority of the Thai population being Buddhist then that next Thai girlfriend you befriend will probably be a happy Thai lady.

But why do you care if they are happy girls?

You’ve heard of that saying about a smile being contagious?

Here in Thailand, happiness is the same.

I can’t recall any of the beautiful Thai girls I dated being unhappy.

Sure, like everybody, they have misunderstandings and some subtle anger. You only have to stroll around Thailand to see the natural facial expression of Thai people is a smile. Which begets the country’s global tagline as ‘The Land of Smiles’.

As an older guy dating younger beautiful Thai girls you will quickly realise how infectious their happiness is.

From the first Thai lady I met in Thailand, I felt more like a young puppy dog than I have ever felt in my life.

And your new Thai girlfriend wants to make you happy as well.

I remember the first date I went on, here in Thailand.

Pii was a stunning Thai woman who travelled 2 hours by bus to meet me here in Bangkok. She had two daughters who lived in Bangkok so the trip was routine and easy for her. We had this easy first meeting at a shopping mall in Siam.

Like I’ve said before she was a (typical) slim tanned-skinned Thai beauty.

Important Happiness hint #1 with beautiful Thai girls

Don’t let an impending language barrier get in your way.

Many Thai girls study and practice their English through the use of subtitled YouTube videos. Yes, YouTube.

They can spend their spare moments on their smartphones and study English so they can become more conversant with western men.

You always have Google Translator to fall back on. While Google Translator does do a poor job in translating the Thai language, you will get the general gist of the meaning and go from there.

Have fun with it and laugh together.

All beautiful Thai girls will see your happy demeanour as a ‘plus’ towards your overall boyfriend score.

Immediately I saw she had a beaming smile and was overjoyed to meet me face-to-face.

Despite 12 months on a Thai dating website, she had never ever met a western guy face-to-face. One of the reasons was she didn’t live in one of the mainstream cities in Thailand such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin etc.

Mentioning happiness again, you could see in her entire body a happy demeanour.

I was calm and relaxed instantly after seeing this.

I suggested we visit an ice cream parlour to start some light and happy cheerful conversation.

Important Happiness hint #2 with beautiful Thai girls

Thai women like their men to take the initiative in suggesting things.

It takes the burden off them and allows you the advantage of the direction of the encounter. Even take this further and tell them where to sit.

If you are in a coffee shop or an ice cream parlour, never sit opposite to them. Take the seat next to them or at right angles as this allows you to keep within arms distance which is an important dating technique. Easy to lightly touch their arm (when the right opportunity arises).

I mentioned before about Thai singles wanting to make you happy. The next leg of our few hours together led to some light dinner.

I love Thai food as do all Thai girls so we headed for a local Thai restaurant which many Thai people were eating in.(This is a good indication that the food being served is tasty and delicious to type people)

One of those small cultural things that make me happy with all of these beautiful Thai girls is the custom of them serving or placing food on your plate from the main dish.

It’s a small thing but until you’ve actually experienced it you will not understand just how happy it makes a man feel. Not a slave thing – it’s about gentle and beautiful Thai girls looking after their

Happiness also comes from respect from your partner. Thai women know and appreciate this.

Make sure you demonstrate respect as well. Treat her like a woman. A beautiful Thai woman.

Important Happiness hint #2 FOR beautiful Thai girls
Conversation Topics at the Ice-Cream Parlour

Most Thais have great pride in their own country but know little else outside.

  • It’s always a safe bet to talk to your Thai girlfriend about where she’s traveled to in Thailand.
  • Ask about what she thinks about ladyboys
  • Whether she cooks or the Thai foods she enjoys

Beautiful Thai Girls Treat You Special

I have a question for you.

When you’ve been dating western girls, have you ever had any of them poured your beer and then top up your beer when they’ve noticed you’ve drunk a little?

The answer for 99.9% of you is an emphatic ‘NO

Western women expect men to do all these pleasantries for the sake of feminism. It’s a fortunate world Thailand hasn’t taken on Western feminism. I’m 100% behind women and men in the right roles. In my view, both genders are built and wired differently and have different roles to play.

Food and Drink

All the beautiful Thai girls you’ll meet make you feel a special guy.

Apart from the drinks, most will attend to serving new portions of food from the main dishes.

I have to say this takes a little getting used to when you first experience it.

If the Thai lady has different foods on her plate to yours, a pleasant surprise is they will spoon a little directly into your mouth to try.

I love that because that makes me feel special.


Thai people in general are exceptionally clean.

You’ll see many who stay at your room will take it upon themselves to do dishes or sweep/clean and if you’re lucky even do some ironing. (I’ve been lucky)


When it comes to personal grooming, these beautiful Thai girls like to take care of their men.

They are OK to cut your hair, choose your clothes and some will even cut and groom your finger and toenails.


How about cosmetics? hehehe
You’ll notice they are beautiful Thai girls because they’re well-groomed and take care of themselves.

They have vast knowledge of cosmetics including for men.

Treat yourself to some added personal pampering.

The girls will love to help choose your cosmetics and also to help in applying them to you.

It is a total treat so go with the flow, my friends. You only live once.

Thai Language

My grasp of the Thai language is somewhat limited and yours will be too.

Thai women love to help.

If asked, these Thai cuties will deal with any Thai suppliers you might have as well as fix logistical issues you might be having at your condominium such as electricity problems, air conditioning issues or dealing with reception.

All in all women from Thailand treat their guys special.

Remember, it’s a 2 way street.

Get a Longer Life With Beautiful Thai Girls

young thai girl looking

I came to Thailand pretty much a wrecked man after a dismal five year marriage.

The moment I stepped off the plane in Thailand I felt a great weight lift from my shoulders.

This was a new beginning.

I had already decided on meeting some beautiful Thai girls and finding a life of sustained happiness.

The caring nature of the people in Thailand gives a new meaning to the word ‘calm’.

Without the stresses of the Western world you gain a new outlook on life when you discover the beauty, sensuality and caring nature of those cute Thai girls. The decades of previous stress and relationship bullshit had been washed away.

What I found astounding was after two years in Thailand my hair is growing darker and growing back in those thinning areas. Even those laugh lines and wrinkles were gradually easing which is amazing.

These beautiful Thai girls have something special about them.

The analogy to this is when you have a very old family dog, on their last legs. You don’t think they have much time left with you. So you buy a young puppy as a replacement. What happens next is that old dog tends to live for many many more years. That young puppy has rejuvenated the faithful old dog of yours.

The same is true for older guys finding younger beautiful Thai girls.

These cute Thai women have an energy, calm, caring and dedication giving you long life.

Beautiful Thai Girls and Sex

In most 1st world western countries, Thailand has a reputation for being the go-to place for the world’s sex and prostitution trade.

Many western men come to Thailand for holiday for the sole purpose of sexual gratification. While Pattaya is renowned as the country’s No. #1 hotspot for sex, the majority of Thailand is not like this.

Like anywhere else in the world Thailand has good places and bad places when it comes to the sex industry.

The majority of Thai women view sex for what it is. A natural part of a relationship between man and woman. There is a right time and a wrong time when it comes to sex with Thai ladies.

I will say this, South-East Asian women tend to be more comfortable with sex than western women.

The number one rule with Thai online dating sites is to never mention sex when you are chatting with these cute Thai girls. They’re aware it is part and parcel of what is about to come next in the dating cycle.

You just need to do it in the right way.

Get to know them first.

Discover some background from each other.

Meet face-to-face and see if you have any sort of connection.

Important Tip About Cock Pics and Beautiful Thai girls
Don’t send them :)

And for goodness sake, do not send women from Thailand pictures of your cock.

It is bad taste and the chances are high she will block you the minute she sees the photo.

They already know what a dick looks like. Leave it at that and keep your smartphone camera in your pocket.

Once you are comfortable with each other, (this can be as soon as the second date) things can quickly escalate. The main focus for a Thai woman who wants to meet western man is snare him into a relationship.

They know full well but sex is apart of this proposal.

I mentioned earlier Thai women like to take care of their men. Having a full, healthy and active sex life is included in this.

It’s nothing to view in a dirty way.

Buddhists have a healthy outlook towards a healthy sex life. When you think about it, we’re all a product of a sexual union. It’s natural and healthy and should be viewed as this.

For a western guy in Thailand, you’ll be amazed as well as surprised to discover Thai women love having sex with someone they have affection.

Many Thai girls have spent their early 20s getting a good education to establish themselves with a long stable employment. The downside, if you can call it that, is many aren’t well versed when it comes to sexual variety.

The beauty of innocence is most are only too willing to learn new techniques, providing it’s consensual. That’s not how it is in the West. As a western guy, you’ll have a beaming smile from ear to ear when you encounter beautiful Thai girls who are more than willing to take care of you and your sexual appetite.

Just remember to be respectful.

Important Tip About Sex and Beautiful Thai girls
A girlfriend isn’t a prostitute!

When I make contact with a Thai girl on a dating site, I’m constantly reminded by them that they aren’t bargirls or prostitutes.

Unfortunately, many guys think all women in Thailand live and breathe to have sex with them.

Umm, well, that isn’t the case. A good Thai girl will have sex with you. No doubt about it. Just don’t treat them like a sex object and you’ll do fine.

They’re a girlfriend, remember?

Happiness In Mind And Body

You only have to do a comparison yourself between the beautiful Thai girls you’ll find in Thailand and your past dating experiences was with western women.

The differences will be significant.

These are what makes western men flock to Thailand in droves.

And many, like myself, make a decision to remain in Thailand.

Finding a woman to be with that gives you clearer thinking, a longer life and a happy sex life is what a man really wants. We’re simple creatures :)

It is a mixture of Thai culture, the upbringing of Thai girls and a distinct lack of western feminism that brings it all together.

The point is if you want a happy and peaceful life then you can do no better than to sample the joys of beautiful Thai girls you can find online in a dating website.

They are easy to join, simple to use and you can use them at any time of the day or night. You owe yourself a favour in life to take the plunge and spend some quality time in investing in your own future happiness.


 – This article was first published on ThaiRomances.com with permission to republish here for our readers

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